Top Trending Mobile App Design Practices of the 2017

Mobile applications are proven revolutionary which can benefit the businesses as well the customers in different ways. All the online businesses are now heading towards mobile application development. However, the most important thing while getting your business app is the selection of the best designers who can give you the best Mobile app design.

The most important thing about Mobile app development is the user friendliness and ease of operation. The apps must be designed in a way which can allow all types of users to browse and understand the business easily! From layman to experts, everyone should get impressed by the design and user friendliness of the application!

Here are the top mobile app design practices which are followed this year and are highly appreciated!

1. Easy updation facility

The best application design is the one in which, you can make updations easily! Choose the design in which you can add more functionality, erase the tools and content in a way which won’t disturb the entire application design. Choose the Mobile app design company which promises to serve you with the flexible and easy updation features!

2. Decide and design as per the platform

There are two platforms on which, you can launch your mobile application, iPhone, and Android. Choose the platform and design your website keeping in mind the platforms! The applications on both these platforms are different and thus, the compatibility changes. Thus, develop the application in such a way where the app is shown in the same format in which it is built and is compatible with different devices!

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3. Animation and Gif’s

Animation industry has gained a lot of popularity. When the animation is applied to an application, the user easily understands the concepts and messages prepared for the customers. With the best animation, the layout and functionalities of the app can be highly improved. Thus, do not forget animation functionality to relate with the users and build the best App UI friendly design! The animations and GIF’s are the latest trends!

4. Add on scrolling with attractive tools

Everyone loves those apps which can let the customers browse more flexible and in more innovative ways! The Best mobile app design is the one in which, the customer can click, surf, scroll and browse the functionalities in a smooth way! This improved the engagement of the user towards the app will get benefits for the owners of the application business. With such smooth functionalities, the users are expected to get involved in shopping and preferring the same app again and again!

5. Colours used in the design

The colors and shades used in the application development are quite important. Imagine what you would think about an application which is poorly designed with immature color combinations? Choose the sober and elegant shades which can let the users read and understand the content. Don’t use so bright colors which can cause distraction and irritation in the users! Especially, the Company mobile application design must be elegant and super sophisticated with the best colors!

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These are the most important design considerations which you must keep in mind while getting your app developed!

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Important things to keep in mind before developing an Android Application

Numerous IT organizations have a thought of Android application development into their best of the schedule however for this, they need to confront much ensnarement. Obviously, they have an extraordinary thought to build up an application, however, there are many components that we have to consider like what imperative aspect will influence while making an application? In what manner will the arrangement execute for building an application? These are simply the noticeable inquiries you ought to ask before making a Smartphone application.

As per the demography of the versatile world, the interest for cell phones and the application is escalating step by step. Be that as it may, because of the quantity of increment the nature of versatile application ought not to be traded off. In this manner, Android Application Design and Development Company need to build up an application that can be more helpful, simple to utilize and above all try by the clients.

I have underscored two or three key ranges that can help the designers to construct a fruitful portable application.

Know the intended interest group: To build up your versatile application it is vital to characterize an intended interest group. Your Smartphone application will get more acknowledgments if the desires of clients will be fulfilled.

Attempt to serve something else: User dependably searches for something new and distinctive. They have a typical penchant of getting exhausted with continuation. Thus, the application should include some intriguing elements and usefulness that can produce more activity and client gets more enthusiasm into your application.

Do tremendous statistical surveying: You should direct a legitimate statistical surveying before hitting the market. This will give you the bits of knowledge of your rival’s exercises like their methodology, their qualities, and shortcoming. Aside from this, you can likewise see the survey of the clients which can help you to keep away from a similar slip-up in your advancement. Therefore, profound statistical surveying can help you to win more clients towards your application.

Rectify estimating of your application is essential: Pricing of an application is an urgent undertaking and that ought not to be disregarded. There are various elements which should be considered by an application engineer before settling the cost.

Get prevalence in any one stage: Many circumstances to run with each new arrangement, we can’t play out our best in which we are in reality exceptionally adaptable. In this way, attempt to be an ace of any one stage where you get yourself much certain and you can get more effective outcomes.

Bolster different dialects and Localization: In the present circumstance, versatile applications are sought after from each district. By scrutinizing a confined adaptation of an application, the application can get prevalence among clients.

Concentrate on advertising technique: Marketing of an application at a proper time matters a great deal. Prior to the dispatch of an application, it is essential to make a buzz. For the most part, 2-3 weeks before the dispatch of an application is the best time to get a staggering reaction.

Testing of an application before the dispatch: You should test your application from client’s point of view where you will get a thought regarding the importance of its usefulness and the outline. It ought to be straightforward and convey the superior. Along these lines, testing of an application before it hits the market is compulsory.

Emphasize the portrayal: Description assumes a fundamental part for somebody who is checking your versatile application on a Google play store Or iTunes application store. Play Store/App Store shows just 2-3 lines of explanation and it ought to be sufficiently infectious for any client to download the application.

Continue refreshing as indicated by the most recent patterns: Customer dependably search for the refresh and need to utilize the most recent form yet once in a while they jump at the chance to utilize a more established form also. Thus, Hire Android application engineer needs to make an application that is good with both, the most recent gadgets and the more established once.


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Top Mobile App Marketing Trends for 2017

In our day by day standard, Mobile App Marketing has turned into an inseparable piece of our life. Getting up with a morning, we begin utilizing Whatsapp, checking messages, tuning into music, viewing YouTube recordings, perusing on the web news, refreshing task status and a great deal more. Accordingly, the utilization of portable application and Smartphone is not going to surrender in 2017.

We can not disregard application advertising part since it is fundamental for any online business. It is as imperative as the advertising of physical item in the event that you yearning to enter in the Mobile Application world to gain a predominant profit for it and market your merchandise.

In this blog, we will think of some as hot portable application advertising patterns that will remain in 2017 too.

Advertising Automation: From the most recent couple of years, promoting computerization is among the best three needs for both business and advertisers. It ordinarily delivers striking new income for organizations and gives an outstanding quantifiable profit. It enables organizations to gather individual data of client like email, telephone number simply like for desktop and sends robotized customized data to end clients that assistance to change over prospects to clients and transforms clients into charmed clients. Henceforth, advertising mechanization assumes a crucial part in client engagement as well.

Expanded Reality: Augmented the truth is the more up to date type of the approach embraced by organizations that assist them to pitch their administrations and items to the correct client. This idea has turned out to be mainstream after the achievement of Pokemon Go and Snapchat’s world focal points in the market. This can change the entire idea of advertising in coming future.

Prearranged engagement instead of piddling application establishment: Consumer dependable likes to utilize an application which devours less exertion while utilizing an application from its downloading, straightforward portion for better client encounter. In this manner, the principle concentrate ought to be on making your application to connect with enough clients where you can wind up losing your client.

Informing Applications: Nowadays, Instantaneous informing applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, climb et cetera are modestly picking up force and in coming years it will replace person to person communication as they are private when contrasted with interpersonal organizations comparative with Facebook. A portion of the advertisers utilize informing applications to interface with customers. Contract Mobile Application designers need to take the favorable position of all conceivable media to get an extraordinary quality of clients.

Confinement of applications: The Key motivation behind the versatile applications is to give the customized involvement to your clients. It is significant to know the area of the clients with the goal that you can encourage particulars of administrations or item as per their area which can be more helpful to them.

More concentrate on the security of applications: While utilizing web-based business applications, the client includes their secret data of charge/Visa. Consequently, wellbeing and security is the extensive factor for portable clients. It ought to be protectable. For promoting of an application security ought to be an imperative concern.

The previously mentioned guides related toward promoting pattern and innovation may encourage applications advertisers to support their transformation rates and to get the greatest rate of return.

How Concetto Labs helps in Mobile App Marketing and Developing


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Quick Tips before hiring Android App Developer

Mobile applications have a high preference over the web based solutions because they are more transformative and adaptive than the web. Mobile technology is booming at much faster rate. Moreover, the arrival of Android app/game development company has changed the traditional approach. Nowadays mobile devices are all that is required to remain engaged throughout the day and to perform the desired activities by few tapes.

The fact is this approach is going older with each passing day, but there are still few companies in India that provide extraordinary services. For getting the right kind of assistance for Android game/app development requirements, it is the best solution to start connecting to expertise android development companies rather than hiring a freelance developer. It is a safer option to hire experienced and well-established companies for your project.


When you decide to hire Android app developers, there are numerous things that should be considered. Have a look at some of the most important tips to hire an appropriate Android application development company.

1) Verify company’s experience & creativity

To gauge the expertise of company, start the procedure by checking their portfolio. It will cater a brief glance about their proof of expertise. Review the information or can have looked over play store or app store. Do those apps get a good number of downloads? Which technology have they used for that project? Do those apps are getting good ratings or any relevant question to the project.

2) Don’t let price drive you

To get served at an affordable price one should always discuss the pricing with the company before it costs less and ends up with the unsatisfactory work. It is not required that if you pay high, you will get more quality work. But often the lowest cost option can turn out to be more expensive in the long run. So instead of taking a chance of danger, one should hire Android developer with the potential to build a feature-packed and quality-rich app within a reasonable price.

3) Developers should be adaptive to change

It is very important for any application developer to perpetually connect with the latest buzzing market trends and should adopt new time-tested technologies to provide next generation solution. They should be pliable and ready to provide professional assistance even in competitive deadlines and environment.

4) Inquire about the development team

Mobile app development is not a one-time activity. Apps have to go through many evolutions and cycles based on constant user feedback. In many instances, it has been discerned that many companies hire freelancers for the app development and then client have to experience hardship with the quality work. So, it is truly acceptable to connect with the team members and inquire about them.

5) Check whether the developer is interested in enhancing business, not just in the coding

Good application developer and best application developer are immensely apart from each other. The good developer might be able to bring out an innovative solution through their knowledge, the Best developer is aware of the outcome of their efforts. They know how to get a good return and what will work on an app store. Hence, hire Android game developers discreetly and check who can give you an advantage from all perspectives.

Wrapping Up

Besides the suggestions that have been listed here, it is always good to hire Android application development company that is known globally and can offer resourceful services at the competitive cost. Furthermore, the years of experience also matters for the creative and idiosyncratic solutions. Thus, take your time and conduct the necessary due diligence and make sure you are fully satisfied with the partner you choose to work with.

Blog credits: Concetto Labs