5 Must to be Taken Care Features while Developing On-Demand ‘Mover n Packers’ App like Uber Movers

Peeping into a few years back, though there were mobiles trending, mobile apps were more limited towards messaging and gaming, but a year or two year back scenario depicts a different story in all. On-demand applications that can be for Food or say Cab Booking or for Salon or for the Guard booking app for the event, anything, and everything can be covered in the app itself.

UBER is considered more of as a BRAND instead of just an app to book the cab. It has widespread its scope beyond the app in various fields across the globe. Along with the services of moving human from one destination to another, not just limiting to that, Uber is even into Movers and Packers, namely Uber Movers.

According to the report, “UberMovers provides free and professional moving services for up to ½ an hour for students in Atlanta between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays only”. Similar moving services, it provides in Nashville even. Eventually, it is spreading its wings further too. Are you the one providing the similar on demand services and wish to have the on demand app like UBER Movers, then let me help you out to conclude Uber Movers feature listing, that is to be must in your app.

Top 5 Must Have Features in Movers and Packers Mobile App

App like Uber Movers

Referring few of the best on-demand clone apps and brainstorming to their business, below is the list mentioned of the app features, that are undoubted to be added in the app, more are that can be there are even suggested further. May there be a house switching in the lane or a nearer area, movers and packers are these days a quick pick for moving services.

  1. List of Service Providers

Let many of the movers and packers add to the list, or else if you are the firm add all the names of the employees in the list and let the service seeker pick the one based on the ratings, reviews or recommendations. Any can be the best pick, the choice is the end users should be satisfied.

  1. Scheduling or Booking

Mention the requirements and entering the location and picking up the service provider, all that and the booking or scheduling of the service. Future booking in layman terms helps to get rid of the worry at times of hurry.

  1. Live Location Tracking

The feature that is way advantageous to monitor the position of the vehicle traveling along with the goods. The real-time location tracker lets the user/customer and admin keep an eye on the moment and know how long it will take to reach the destination, a way helpful for security purposes.

  1. Fare Calculator

Moving Services company focuses on this as a core, as while payment or invoice generation, it needs to take care of each aspect. The fare inclusive of the type of vehicle, distance, a weight of goods, tariff and other aspects are summed and then it needs to generate, while this all are covered in the app, it eases the woes of service providers as well as the customer.

  1. Payment Management

This includes the payroll of movers and packers and even that of the customer payment, so the digital wallets and QR code scans lead helpful for quick payment and even management of all the transaction history so far.

Above list can be considered as not to be missed feature listing, further are optional.

Add-ons or Suggested Features

  • Communication or chat with the driver in case of need
  • Multilingual support
  • Payment gateway integration for digital money transfer
  • Time tracker that tends in helping the service quality

Hire on demand app developers

Ending Up

In the rage of blockchain and bitcoin, on-demand app services withstand their individual spaces in the digital and technology era. Being an On-Demand App Development Company, we have come forth many of the challenging on-demand apps concepts and have successfully accomplished them by deep-diving into the concept and understanding the objectives. Our tech entrepreneurs make sure to craft an app that suits the services with the best of the features integrated to serve the max to the end-users.


Know How Location Tracking Apps Can Create Wonders!

Mobile apps are creating wonders. There is no space left out where mobile applications have not lightened up. So, my question is how can GPS/Location tracking apps become a ray of hope?

Isn’t it annoying when you are already late for a meeting & reach even late because you missed out a lane? Or don’t you get hyper when you are asked to travel to an unvisited place? Well, YES! The less traveled road is always irritating. But thanks to the idea of google maps & GPS tracking application development. A lot of it has been solved.

The social media feeds are also more concerned about your whereabouts rather than what are you up to! Today, tracking app development company are utilizing the GPS to pinpoint the correct area continuously. It not just applies to the articles or areas, innovation has made ready to track people too. Indeed! You can encounter this strategy with the assistance of location tracking app development services.

GPS tracking is the pattern that is heightening through every single social media platform. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world are broadly utilizing android location tracking app for refreshing their present position via social networking media and for some different reasons. So if you are still not aware about its benefits, here are a few to mention.

Benefits of GPS tracking application development:

1. NAVIGATING YOU: For instance, you have just booked an Ola cab. Isn’t is amazing to know in how much time will your cab arrive? Isn’t it cool when you are able to navigate where you cab exactly is? Or from which route is it coming towards you?

Also, just while you board your cab ain’t you anxious about the route you are going to travel from? Or how long will you take to reach a certain point? It’s a big THUMBS UP!

So the first & foremost advantage of car tracking device app is Navigation.

Navigate yourself, your loved ones anytime & anywhere.

2. NEARBY YOU: Just as you travel to an unknown place everything there is unknown to you. Even while traveling or choosing some route you are certainly not aware where you will get stuck in traffic.

While in case of emergency, you are not aware about the nearby first aid center or hospitals. If hungry, you are always in search of a nearby restaurant. A good android location tracking app will help you with anything & everything related to mapping you with nearby locations.

Not just restaurants & hospitals, but if you have relocated & want to know a good school or a grocery store nearby location tracking apps are one stop solutions to your location tracking problems.

3. CUSTOMISED FOR YOU: Today mobile apps are not just used for ordering a pizza or shopping or booking a cab. You can get you GPS tracking device app customized for tracking your child’s school bus or to know has your courier reached or when will it arrive.

Apart from all this, what is your phone is misplaced? Or your car is stolen? A customized vehicle tracking app or an android location tracking app is a real time solution.

A lot of GPS tracking application development companies will provide many customized solutions to all the tracking problems.

But how do you start with Location tracking apps development?

An application needs to begin with solid User Interface alongside particular highlights:

  1. GPS Coordinates
  2. Google Maps Integration
  3. Real time location detection
  4. Customised route searching

Location Tracking Apps


GPS/Location tracking apps development is really a gift for people and organizations. These make life less demanding. Along these lines, on the off chance that you additionally have a thought of GPS following application advancement, you can counsel a presumed versatile tracking app development company.

Officially publish by Concetto Labs > https://www.concettolabs.com/blog/know-how-location-tracking-apps-an-create-wonders/

Top 5 Features for Whatsapp Clone App Development Solutions

From ice age to old stone age, from Vatican age to new drone age, the communication has evolved tremendously and drastically bringing new genre every time for humans to get connected and share their feelings.  The evolving generations have paved way to the new era of communication where you not only talk, chat or communicate but also share your emotions and feelings through a virtual world. The changing times has revolutionized the way we share our thoughts and feelings with each other with the power of words through a different medium.  The medium of chatting through mobiles and internets has the taken the world in its stride. Well, we can say that it’s an era of Real-Time Whatsapp Clone App Development Solutions.

Though the messaging app world is already saturated with unique WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and wechat, there is still a space left to fill the creative gap with innovative solutions with the most evolving needs and changing trends. So, there comes a unique Instant Messaging App development solution. Whatsapp like chat app aids in filling the gap and bringing in more and more features and exceptional functionalities that will create a platform to draw in more and more users on the messaging world.

Power and Popularity of Instant Messaging App

Nobody has been left undrenched with the power of messaging app. They have become prominent today in this internet world. With internet of things going around, instant messaging has become a necessity today rather than time eater. Thus, to bring in more touch to the next gen communication, there comes mobile chat app development.

The major features that highlight the importance of this WhatsApp clone app is chatted down here.

Personal And Group Chat Facility

With similar to WhatsApp chat app development, there is mobile app number registration facility. It becomes quite easy to find known friends and easy to search the people or relative you are wishing to interact with. The anonymous chat app has many more personal and group app facility.

High-End Connectivity

With this WhatsApp like chat app service, the clients will be mesmerized finding its high-end connectivity. Moreover, it can be further customized as per the client’s personal or professional requirements.

Multimedia Sharing

Whether it is about sharing a group photo or destination one or sharing files or videos regarding business or events, the multimedia sharing feature is exceptional in providing these multimedia facilities.

Apart from the above features, there comes in these exceptional features of WhatsApp/chat app – Android chat app

  1. Group Messaging
  2. Superior Text Chat
  3. Offline Message Sending
  4. User Status Visibility
  5. Can See Chat History
  6. Message Broadcast Option
  7. Easy File Transfer (Any Size)
  8. Screenshot Facility
  9. Vantage of Voice & Video Call
  10. A feature of Location Sharing

Whatsapp Clone App Development

The main target of the WhatsApp clone app development is to build a strong connectivity between people with an instant messaging facility. The mobile app developers at Concetto Labs – a prominent Chat App Development Company are highly trained and well equipped in developing a user friendly app with inbuilt features.

The most recommended and trending Instant Chat App development company, Concetto Labs has delivered unbelievable messaging apps for the businesses and people as well.

Messaging world is too big and it helps people invariably who are looking for some kind of instant communication or data transfer whether in form of files or other media. The app developers have already worked on messaging app technology and delivered solutions for uninterrupted messaging and communications. The leading app development solution considering these main five features brings in effective solutions.

Best 360 camera apps for iPhone and Android

Mobile is the device through which we can perform the multiple activities at the same time. It gives us the opportunity to have the virtual tours of any place on earth through just a single handed device. Today, the era of innovation is in trending. People are creating a variety of platform through the technology which can make our life easier and effective. 360 camera apps are one of them. It allows us to view any part of earth virtually as it actually exists.

Here, I have listed down best 360 camera apps for Android and iPhone devices.

Android Applications

1. Google Street View

This is an outstanding 360 camera apps for android. The owner is Google itself. You can explore the world monuments, museums, restaurants, small businesses, nature of the world with the google street view app.

Main features

  1. You can use your phone camera without installing any camera accessories.
  2. It allows you to capture 360 degree photos
  3. You can share the picture on facebook
  4. By the cardboard mode, you can immerse yourself in the picture.

2. Panorama 360: Capture + Share photos

360 Panorama app is the coolest application made by TeliportMe Incorporated. It is called as the Instagram for panoramas and it is one if the best 360 camera apps. You can also watch 360 degree videos in this application.

Main features

  1. Using Panoramic camera app you can capture 360 degree photos
  2. Automatic geo tagging
  3. To get the high resolution picture, you have the HD option
  4. It will directly share your picture on the Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

3. Photo 360 degree by Sfera

It was the first application of 360 camera capture on the google play store. You can take fantastic 360 degree image without clicking multiple pictures and any manipulation.

Main Features

  1. It has the functionality of “behind you” that will create a photo which will show the world behind you.
  2. You can share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. It allows GPS location record.
  4. You can view any object by simply tuning around it from the screen.

4. Cardboard Camera

You can click the pictures and share the virtual reality with the world.

Main Features

  1. You can capture VR 3D photos
  2. You can record 360 degree videos
  3. It will let you share the pictures on social channels.
  4. In the google photos app, you can save photos directly.

5. 360cam

360cam is the application through which you can take the picture and videos from any angle you want. This application will run only through Giroptic 360 degree Camera.

Main Features

  1. From the 360cam you can easily import your 360 photos and videos.
  2. Even, you can play your 360 photos and videos using 360 players which is built in already.
  3. You can share your photos and videos on a social media platform.
  4. You can experience your videos in the virtual reality headset.

iPhone Application

1. Cycloramic

A few years back, it has got the price of the best iOS app by TechCrunch. With the 20 million downloads, it became the great mobile to create panoramic images.

Main Features

  1. It gives the high-resolution images up to 42 Megapixels.
  2. You have the hands-free mode for 360 degree images.
  3. Phone auto rotation functionality is also there to record the full panoramas.
  4. You can view the videos with the headsets.

2. Panorama

Here, we have another panorama titled application but this is not quite simple. We meant to say that this application for both Android and iOS applies some scientific approach in image stitching. It results in the 360 image appearance and gives the better view rather than flat and less spherical.

Main Features

  1. It has vertical or horizontal panorama selection for choosing the shooting method.
  2. You can separate various original images into panoramic view.
  3. It provides thousands of editing features to get the variety in results.
  4. Premium version is also available for mac.

3. FOV

It is formerly known as Photonomie and it is one of the best camera app 360 view for iPhone. It is not restricted for moving around your phone horizontally but you can move it in all the directions to take the perfect one.

Main Features

  1. You can instantly share the picture after the click like facebook, WhatsApp, iMessenger. So we can call it camera 360 app facebook also.
  2. With this application, you get the multiple options for choosing the place like New York, Paris, UK etc.

4. Fyuse

This application is created with the full of fun features. You can mark your 3D image in sort of a special way.

Main Features

  1. You can create your personal profile, click the picture and share it with others.
  2. You can be the part of the community and invite your friends.
  3. It is connected to the social media platform.
  4. It gives you the guiding arc while you click the picture.

5. Twister

Aren’t you excited to know about selfies with 360 photo app iPhone? This application not only allows you take the picture but also it will cover all your surroundings.

Main Features

  1. You can walk around the places enjoy it as a virtual tour.
  2. It provides the high quality resolution for taking pictures.
  3. It has video sessions, voice command, photo timer, social sharing and many more.

Best 360 Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

We are at Concetto labs can help you to create something according to your requirement. Get the unique ideas and implement it on live. We are here to help you always.

Why should you own Mobile apps for small business?

Mobile application development is not only trending in the medium of social media and telecommunication. But also, it helps organizations through valuable marketing of their product OR services through an app. Therefore, a mobile application is on demand in the domains like businesses, E-commerce, shopping etc.

If you think that developing your own mobile application is costlier than you are having a faulty though in your mind. Nowadays, multiple Mobile app development agencies are available in the market like Concetto Labs, who can develop an affordable and qualitative mobile application for your business.

There are miscellaneous benefits of mobile apps for small business owners. Let’s have a look.

Few of them we have listed down here. So that, it can withdraw your confusion and give you the new idea for being successful.

mobile apps for small business owners

1. Accessibility: the Mobile application will connect you with the people around the globe. Through your application, they can get information about your product and services. So, they can get easy access of all the information about your startup through a single tap on a device at any time and at any place.

2. Brand Recognition: While you application become live, people can review and download an application from the app store and play store. Due to user-friendly and latest features and functionality, a user will prefer to use your application. It can improve your brand value among users.

3. Reach a global audience: In this digital era, everything is possible through a single handed mobile device. People use mobile applications to perform the daily routine activity. So, you will get a huge amount of traffic on the internet. Well, this traffic can help you to gain commutative access of app. Thus, a mobile application can help you to reach a global audience without any hurdle.

4. Value creation: If you will have your own application for your product and services then it can help to improve the value of your product. Because, while you develop an application, it gives the satisfaction of belonging from trustworthy organization to customer.

5. Increase Customer Engagement: Good mobile application allows their customer to know everything related to product and service through an app. Also, a customer can communicate with the person who is offering the services. So, an application can reach to their clients very effectively through previous experience of customer and app advantages.

6. Increase Sales and mobile transaction: Application with a huge customer base like Amazon and PayPal have setted an example of having useful and user friendly application for a customer. According to latest statistic, 42% mobile sales are coming from the application. So, an application can help service providers to increase their productive sales and mobile transaction.

7. Easier Market Research: Proper market research can help you to build an application according to the needs of your customer. You can find the interest of the customer through the technique of market research. When you built a user perspective app, it can quickly improve your productivity.

8. Social Platforming: Social media platform integration in the mobile application can redirect you to that particular social media platform. Through the redirection from an app, you can improve your market value among customer.


Mobile apps for small business

All of these above points articulate that having your own business and organization is not only the way to get success. You must have a good amount of customer base for it. And, a mobile business application is the best way to achieve this in a start-up stage. Thus, don’t hesitate to start your new journey and connect with Concetto Labs to create mobile apps for small business with a valuable brand image.

15 Best Augmented Reality Games 2018 for Android and iOS

Augmented reality has changed the world of technology. Today, it is not just a creative concept but also, You can get the feel of interacting with real-world just by using the digital devices. This is how the demand for Augmented reality apps are increasing day by day. The best thing about augmented reality is, you don’t need any expensive headset, you just need the AR-enabled in your smartphone and the console required for it.

There are multiple gaming applications are available based on Augmented Reality concept. Let’s have a look at few of the best application or AR for Android and iOS both.

  1. Pokemon GO

This was the gigantic project of the Niantic. This application has introduced the concept of Augmented reality to the crowds. This application was based on geolocation. People can catch, track and fight with the pokemon on the real surroundings. Pokemon Go is totally free to install.

  1. Parallel Mafia

If you like to be the boss of the criminal clan then this would be the best game for you to play. Even it is totally free to install and play. Also, you can create your business and earn reputation in this game.

  1. Geo AR

Through this application, you can change any geographic area in your own beautiful fairy tale. Yes, the application allows you to change any geographic location to your desired one. Geo AR is an amazing game for the adults and children.

  1. Ingress

Back in 2012 antic studio has released another game popular among gamers which is ingress. It has transformed the real world into the landscape for a global game of intrigue, competition, and mystery.

  1. Project Tango

This application allows you to create your own world of Google augmented reality app. If you want to adjust new furniture in your apartment then you can do it from the Project Tango app. It allows you to make changes at an appropriate place that you want.

  1. Temple Treasure Hunt

This application was created for mysterious and myths lovers. Here, you can pick the role you want either it can be of treasure protector Or treasure hunter. As a protector, you have to build treasure trails and as a hunter, you have to discover the treasure. The best thing for this app is, it uses real map for the location.

  1. WallaMe

It combines the Geolocation and augmented reality. The user can click the picture of the place and then they can make changes in it. let’s say they can add some text, pictures, and hand-drawn sketches over it and share it with their friends so their friends can come to the place and discover those messages.

  1. Real Strike

We can say that this is an AR shooting game. You have the choices for 25 types of weapons which are highly realistic animated and also have the real environment. Here, you have the recording option to record your fight and create videos. The application is available on both Android and iOS.

  1. Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast

Augmented reality enables you to find the paranormal force in your neighborhood and to fight with them it allows you different weapons. Not only the Weapons, after fighting you will get the rewards based on your performance.

  1. Zombie Go

The application like Zombi go is the real hit of the modern gaming application development. It can automatically pop up the zombies with whom you have to fight with different weapons.

  1. Clandestine: Anomaly

This is the application where you can fight with the aliens. Those aliens who want to conquer our planet and you are the ones who will stop them by fitting with them. Also, this application is totally free to play.

  1. Father.io

Father io is the application which enables you to play with your partner, friends, enemies and protect allies. It was the first person shooting game with augmented reality.

  1. AR invaders

same as the Clandestine, in AR invaders you will fight with the aliens. Your smartphone will project the UFOs and your aim is to destroy them.

  1. AR Defender 2

It is the second incarnation of the AR defender app. The idea of the application is same. But, it is with the improvisation of multiplayer mode availability. Thus, you will get more weapons and enemies.

  1. Genesis

Genesis is basically a card game. The action on the card will take place into the reality. Because through the AR technology, the champion available in the cards will turn alive. The application has earned $50,000 till now and they have promised to launch an innovative game in nearest future.

Augmented Reality application development

Wrapping up:

In this article, I gave you just an overview of the AR application that is going to hit the app store market in the coming future. We are also able to create augmented reality camera app an augmented reality video app. If you are interested in Augmented Reality application development  OR wanted to know that how to make an augmented reality app then feel free to connect with us at any time. We are here to help you always!

Originally published by Concetto Labs. > https://www.concettolabs.com/blog/15-best-augmented-reality-games-2018-for-android-and-ios/

15 Annoying things about WordPress you would wish to Fix

WordPress is one of the best platforms which allow building user-friendly, interactive and eye catchy websites effortlessly. The ample of themes and plug-ins provide an appealing look at the websites. However, it also consists of some annoying features which everybody would like to fix. Thanks to the developers that the code of wordpress is an open source and anyone can easily fix the things they find annoying!

Here’s a compilation of the top 15 annoying things we wish to fix in wordpress:


  1. Modifying the username

One of the hectic things about wordpress is you have to go through the tedious process of creating the username as once the username is created, you cannot change it. Changing the username is a detailed process which is simply annoying!

  1. Setting backup

It is very important to set the backup, but this is also one of the most annoying things you have to deal while using wordpress. There’s no built-in backup system and thus, users have to backup data. For saving your data from disasters, you have to face the backup setting disaster daily!

  1. Tackling spam

It is not easy to handle spam in wordpress. Spam comments can be highly frustrating. When you get hundreds of spam comments, there’s nothing you can try to handle those comments and it’s really irritating!

  1. Switching between the themes

You enter in the world of changing themes and get lost in the pool of widgets, themes, layouts and such settings. There are certain themes with complex layouts and designs which will annoy you!

  1. Editing a page

For editing a single page, you will have to go to different places. Either for changing the widgets layouts, menus and different elements in a page, you will have to visit a lot of other pages which can simply turn frustrating!

  1. Changing the Uncategorized category

By mistake or knowingly, if you publish any post without adding the category, the category will be published under the uncategorized category. To fix this, you will have to edit the category, delete it or create a new one.

  1. Setting auto-updates

A lot of people still face issues in setting the updates.  The auto updates, themes and plug-ins setting is one of the most annoying things.

  1. Deactivating the wordpress plug-in

When errors occur, users need to deactivate all the plug-ins, as the plug-ins can be the reason of error and that is quite irritating.

  1. Modifying the database

To change or modify the database is quite irritating and also a huge challenge. Users have to work hard for improving the loading time of page using plug-ins.

  1. Handling the 404 error

You will be habituated to witness the 404 error screen on your device while using wordpress. However, there are some ways to fix this.

  1. Not able to login to the Admin panel

This is one of the major issues one faces while using wordpress.  When you get locked out at the Admin panel, fixing it comes with a lot of headache!

  1. Changing password frequently

To ensure security, changing password is highly recommended.  Using the cpanel is quite annoying and tough.

  1. The visual editor mode

Switching between the visual and html mode is one of the hectic processes. If you are looking forward to change the code, click on the visual mode and your brain will be hanged on what to do next!

  1. Creating efficient image gallery

To create an image gallery which is well organized, you will have to go through a lot of stuff. Simple features like albums, lightboxes and tagging are unavailable which makes it tough to create a gallery.

  1. Adding format options to post editor

Though there are a number of formatting options available in the post editor, switching between the text and visual editor for formatting will cause disturbance.


These are the top 15 most annoying things about wordpress that give me headaches. Fixing these issues is quite time consuming and very complex for non techies so try to prevent these issues and escape the trouble

Why is Concetto Labs Best to Hire React Native Development Companies?

To make fantastic and scaling application, we find something which is next level of web development is React Native. It allows Javascript to run on Android and iOS platform same as a native platform. It has replaced the previous working methodology “write once, run anywhere” with “Learn once, write anywhere”.  The main reason behind the popularity of React Native is its extended abilities and unique set of features.


Let’s have a look at the advantages of Apps on React native

React native is only a view layer so we can use it with any framework.

  • It is very easy to test
  • With React Native, you can easily view the layout OR the components that are combined with each other.
  • React Native can be rendered on the server side.
  • JSX makes easy to read the code of your component
  • The functionality of React Native is expandable.

Why should you choose us for building your application?

In the present environment, it is all about attempting unique start-up idea to generate more business. React native is a perfect fit for this kind of situation. You can generate perfect execution of your idea through React native at an affordable cost, fast development and with an inimitable creation.

We are a React Native development companies in India that offer expert mobile application developers with an extraordinary understanding of User Experience. You can hire a sensible React Native developer depend upon your requirement to scale up your organization.

We have acquired the top position as a React Native Development companies by creating an amazing design with the utilization of React Native library. Association always look for those applications that can run on maximum devices, perfect customer experience and get quick growth in the market. To create such application one should require partners like us who can help them to create an awesome degree realistic Native application through React Native Development.

To bring the real power of mobile application, our react Native development team is capable to make highly scalable and flexible server-side API. This ensures that development will be extraordinary repetitious and incremental. Our react native developers are experts in front and ensure that your mobile application can win the whole deal. Until now, we have delivered our projects in constant and faster manner, thus we can assure you that you will get an abrupt output at an astounding sufficiency.

With React Native, you can divide pages into little segments which can be used in the various part of the same site. We make execution of advanced technology to make it easier for developers as well as to decrease the delivery time for the customer. React Native is the proper example for this. Nowadays, It is the most demanding innovation which offers the exceptional advantages.



Concetto Labs Best to Hire React Native Development Companies

We at Concetto Labs built great web and mobile applications using React Native and provide voluminous opportunities to grow your business. Get an Advantage from React Native developers of Concetto Labs for all the businesses from brands, SMEs, and imminent start-ups.

Things to Consider While Going for Wearable App Development

Most of us out there must be owning smartphones and wearable devices. It makes our life so easy, isn’t it? But, have you ever wondered your life without them in this century? You can survive without them just for a few days. These smart devices prove to be so helpful – connecting people, getting food, music, creativity and a lot more. But have you ever wondered how are wearable devices stand apart in the vast world of smart gadgets?

They are among the perfect devices for those who are inclined towards fitness. They calculate how much you walk, your calorie intake, your heartbeat rate, the calories you burn, your sugar levels and a lot more. Wow! Have you ever wondered how are these things possible? We are grateful to the coders and designers who managed to initiate an innovative thing called wearable app development.

Of course, these developers are employed in wearable app development companies across the globe. These companies ensure that they develop the apps that match the needs of the device. The bearing capacity of wearable devices is low and hence they cannot support heavy applications. In case, the developers develop heavy apps for better user experience, the devices would be damaged.

Although, the technologies differ from device to device. Different testing processes and plans would surely prove to be of a great help for avoiding the device damage. Here is what you need to be considerate about…

Giving a kickstart

Be it any techie, he would surely ensure to not rush into things as it might create an issue while compiling the code. And the real mess is to find that one error. Hence, you should ensure that the app you are working on should have a plan that stabilizes the internal processes. Discuss with your team and eliminate all the existing loopholes.

Simplicity is the best policy

Keeping the user interface simply is the most important thing. Thinking from a customers’ point of view is important. Would you like to use your device if it is not user friendly? In the generation of having the things at fingertips, it is important to have a good user interface.  For example, for listening to your favorite music tracks while jogging, you need to have a simple user interface of the wearable device. This is because you would either want to change the song or toggle your volume. Thus, during wearable device app development simplicity needs to be the very first point.

Look and feel matters

When you go to buy a new phone or a device, the first thing that attracts you is the physical design, the colors, flashlights and the desired functions. You must see that everything is in the right place to grab the attention of many. Although, it is not as easy as said. All you got to do is put in efforts.

Everything needs to be creative

If you want to sell yourself in the market, wearable app development needs to creative and unique. Thinking outside the box and providing more features would definitely get you into the limelight. Wouldn’t it be great to compete with others? Being up for challenges can help you grow every day. It might be risky, but it is necessary to take risks while starting up you own business.


Being specific is important

Wearable technology development requires pairing with the mobile device. So, it is important to be very specific with the architectures you chose. This is because you need to automatically synchronize the wearables with the phones.

Testing is Crucial

Be it any wearable service android or any app development, it is crucial to get through all the testing processes. You cannot just launch an application without knowing it works perfectly fine on the devices. The apps need to stop responding quite frequently. This testing includes UI testing, Database testing, device testing, Blackbox testing, white box testing and a lot more.

Main differences between React JS and React Native

In 2011, Jordan walke and his team have developed React.Js, a JavaScript library for us with some notable changes. It brought together the speed of JavaScript and new way of rendering pages, leading to a responsive and dynamic user input. After two years of release, the team has announced open sourced React.Js which helps them to increase the popularity and then after they have released react native.

React native is much similar to React.JS but there are some differences that you need to know before creating your application. Here, I am going to give you an overview of both React JS and React Nativewhich will help you to get a fair idea of their individual strengths and how they are different from each other.


React.Js is basically responsible for creating a hierarchy of UI components. It can be referred as React OR ReactJS. It provides support for not only Front-end but also for server-side. In MVC architecture, React.JS is just a V part because as previously said Rect.JS is meant for rendering views only.

Advantages of working with React.JS

  • During the development, developer can reuse the code that saves a lot of time of development.
  • It improves the speed of debugging.
  • Rendering of pages from the server to browser can improve the SEO of web application.
  • You can get all the benefits of each expansion in Java language. It is fully supported in React.JS
  • Even who are not familiar with React, they can easily learn it because React is simply readable JavaScript library. Many frameworks require learning the detailed concept of a framework which is very time-consuming while React is fully opposite.

React Native

React native is a framework which is responsible to create a native application using JavaScript. It complies with native application development. Therefore, it is possible for you to create a native application with React Native. In React Js, React is a base abstraction of React Dom and on the other side in React native, React is also a base abstraction but of React native only. Let’s have a look at business advantages of React Native so we can easily compare React and React native.

Advantages of React Native:

  • React native comes with all the benefits that you get in React.JS. Thus, you will get benefits for better UI as well.
  • React native allows you to reuse the same logic on different platform so you don’t need to write separate code for iOS and Android when they share same logic.
  • By knowing about JavaScript, platform API’s and some native UI element, many front-end developers can be a mobile application developer.
  • React native comes with native module and native components that helps to improve the performance.
  • Whenever you want to implement React native in your current application, you don’t need to change the whole code. You can simply add React native UI components into existing application.



Concetto Labs helps in React JS and React Native

In short, React is a framework for creating a web application using JavaScript while react native provides a full platform to build React JS and React Native is a JavaScript library which can be used for building high performing UI layer. Therefore, React.JS is perfect during the creation of effective UI of your web interface and React Native is idle when you want to create native mobile application.

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