The all new AngularJS 4.2, is out of its egg shell and all the tech freaks are eager to crack the books of this Angular. So without dwindling time, let’s start counting all the new feathers in the crown of Angular 4.2.


With its novel entry, Angularjs 4.2 has brought in the much awaited new wave of animation which permits reusable animations, full blown router level animation, and multi-element animations. This much-endeavored API feature equips its user to animate their Angular apps in never dreamt before manner.

The all new query function as introduced in this version permits query feature in the template. Apart from this, it also supports pseudo-selectors, which lines up few other interesting possibilities.

To quote, we can now easily animate elements in NgFor:


With the given animation:


Now, whenever an element will leave, removed from races array, it will fade out and vice versa.

Stagger is the other new add-on under the umbrella of animation. With this add-on, staggering animations can be created with ease.


A reusable animation is another new add-on, which can be used to override the default parameter. Here is an example of changeOpacity animation:


When the element is being animated, Angular will add a ng-animating class to the element. Apart from this, one can trigger child animations using the animateChild function. Lastly, we can inject AnimationBuilder to program animations and trigger them on demand.



Here is great news! Now it’s possible to use strictNullChecks in all your applications. The ! postfix operator is also now available:

The code generated from AOT compiler will include non-null assertion operator, allowing you to do strict null checking in your templates!


The new Angular 4.2 has two new validators over and above the existing minLength, maxLength, email, and pattern: min and max, to help you ratify that the input is the value specified to the best of its level.

The information as on 17th June’17 states that the validators min and max have for the time being have been eradicated but will reappear in version 5.


TestBed called overrideProvider is the new method of this new version, which allows overriding a provider irrespective of its module/component. This feature is a very interesting add-on for developers who initially could only test in JiT mode. But not the testing can be done in AOT mode also.


Make use of the new feature flush instead of a tick to automatically pause the tests till all the macro task events have been cleared from the queue.


The new feature whenRenderingDone is useful to test components with animations.


  • Inclusion of validators for min and max attributes
  • Ease of passing an element refers to the bootstrap method of an ApplicationRef, to bootstrap directly
  • Improved i18n tooling
  • AOT testing foundation laid
  • New compiler flag alwaysCompileGeneratedCode is available
  • Configure options and set input variables are available within animations
  • Reusable animations using animation()
  • Query for inner elements within animations
  • Staggering multiple elements is possible
  • Enabled queried elements
  • Synthesize a full-blown animation when routes change
  • Program to build/control an animation using AnimationBuilder


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Angular JS also was known as “Angular.js” or “AngularJS 1.X” marked its birth in the year 2010, to ease out the building of complex and data-heavy web apps through JavaScript. At the time of launch Angular JS could boast of having three jewels glued to its glory:

  1. Inimitable fast code production
  2. Effortless testable piece of application
  3. Backstage support of Google

But technology is another term for continuous change or innovation. Thus came the good news of Angular JS 2, which is very much distant in nature to its elder JS 1. Let’s study the differences in detail with examples to ensure ease of understanding on part of every reader.

Angular JS 2 has better mobile acclimatization and excels in its performance.

When Angular JS 1 was being conceived, mobile support friendly mechanism was not taken into consideration, however, Angular 2 was thoroughly mobile supported. The use of Hierarchical Dependency Injection system and unidirectional tree based change detection in Angular 2 is a considerable performance backer.


Angular 2 offers wide range of language options

Angular 2 has ES5, ES6, and TypeScript or Dart languages to select from as opposed to Angular 1 which has limited options under its umbrella, namely ES5, ES6, and Dart.

Implementation of web standards in Angular 2

Angular 2 provides exceptional quality performance as compared to Angular 1, because of the implementation of web standards (components).


Ease of setup

In the easy setup of Angular JS, one has to only add reference library and it is good to go. Whereas Angular 2 is dependent on other libraries and hence has complex steps to follow, before the final green signal.

Gone are the days of Angular 1.x controllers and $scope

In Angular 2, controllers are replaced with “Components”. Angular 2 uses zone.js to detect the changes.


Way to define local variables

In Angular JS 2 local variables are defined using hash (#).

Change in structural directives syntax

In Angular 2 ng-repeat is replaced with *ngFor. In AngularJS 2 version “2.0.0-beta.17 instead of “#” use “let”.

Use of camelCase syntax for built-in directives

Angular 2 uses camelCase syntax for built-in directives. For example, ng-model is now ngModel.

HTML DOM element properties and events

Angular 2 directly uses HTML DOM element properties and events, because of which several Angular 1 built in directives has lost their application. For example, ng-href, ng-src, ng-show and ng-hide of Angular 1, were replaced with href, src and hidden of Angular 2.

Data binding directive replaced

In Angular 2, ng-bind used for one-way data binding in Angular 1 has been replaced with [property].

Angular 1.x, one-way data binding

<input ng-bind=””></input>

Angular 2, one-way data binding

<button (click)=”doSomething()”>

Two-way data binding

In Angular 2, ng-model used for two way data binding in Angular 1 has been replaced with [(ngModel)].

Angular 1, two-way data binding,

<input ng-model=””></input>

Angular 2, two-way data binding,

<input [(ngModel)]=””></input>

Bootstrapping Angular Application

In Angular 1, there are two ways to bootstrap:  ng-app attribute and other via code.


In Angular 2, it is only ng-app


Ways of Dependency Injection

In Angular 2, dependency injection is used through constructors

Changed way of routing

In Angular 1 $routeProvider.when() is used for routing. In Angular 2 @RouteConfig{(…}) is used for routing.  ng-view in Angular 1 is replaced as <router-outlet> in Angular 2.

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Today we are not just talking about technology but living it. Our entire work system is it personal or professional is secured in just one device “our Smartphone”. And in this palm-size world, is one character called App, who is the IT lingo today. The better it is, the better is the results in terms of revenue and reach for any company. But these best apps call for some of the inimitable app developers who can tailor fit this IT character with the finest armor to combat the competitive scenario victoriously. Therefore here are the essential guidelines which can assist an individual entrepreneur or company to shortlist and hire the preeminent Android app developer for its app:


Before initiating your research for the Android app developer, the motive behind app development should be well defined. This markedly depends on the industry you belong to and the products and services you deal in.


Expand your search field. Don’t just rely on the neighborhood app development company. There are offshore options, freelancers, and other app developers too. But one thing which does matter the most is the app developer’s track record or experience as you call it. Check for referrals and also study their past work. As we all know work speaks louder than words.


Don’t compromise on quality because of cost. Set up a reasonable budget which you can afford to get the best in the market. This will also help in making the price comparison amongst the few shortlisted options. Have a transparent picture of the entire pricing from software to licensing.


Have a well-defined deadline from your end and get the same confirmed by the app developer. Time once was gone, can never be brought back. Moreover, a crossing of the timeline will lead to the crossing of the budget. Inspect from the developer’s previous clients their record in terms of maintaining the timeline for app development and also for completing the rectifications if any (required after the launch).


Be it a freelancer, a neighborhood company or an offshore developer, communication between the needy and the server has to be mobile and transparent. In the course of app development, there might be several issues which need to be discussed or shared upright. Seamless communication is also essential to remain updated with the trends, suggestions and most significantly trust on the developer.


Specification and specialization are the two S behind success in technology. A web developer need not be an efficient app developer. The entire process and the use of technological software are much different in both the cases. So an app developer seeker should be thorough with the kind of technology the developer uses and if it is on par with the need.

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Whether you have to hire Android game developer or e-commerce app developer, the main aim is to churn revenue. An experienced app developer can very well guide on the ways to maximize the revenue and reach through app thus leading to app monetization. So select carefully.


Affiliations of app developers speak a lot about their credentials. Therefore you can rely on these affiliations of Android app developers for the quality and coding standards of the app.


Since technology keeps on changing with time, app development and maintenance is an ongoing process, which is to be adhered by the Android app developer. Therefore ensure finalizing a developer who has goodwill and distinguishable work in the market apart from long term relationship commitment.

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Remarkable changes in Android app development

Android app development is a tremendous choice of users as per current market scenario. There are a lot of aspects where consumer interacts with the companies through the mobile applications. In fact, 80% share of the most dominant market is occupied by the Android operating system.

While in creating an application initially application developers has to face many hurdles related Buggy IDEs, slow emulators, the UI of the Android apps, in the form of fragmentation and much more. But, In 2016 few changes were observed in the technology.

As a result new software is obtained by the app development ecosystem which was shown in the good form of development.

Now, the most interesting thing is to see the transformation during the year of 2017, the persistence growth of mobile technology will go stable or will face any hindrance.

A couple of changes in the technology that may come up in 2017 are listed below:


Nougat: Android Nougat has introduced a variety of features and functionalities for users. Previously known Daydream feature is now known as the screensaver in Android Nougat, it is the alias of its VR platform.

Android 7.0 brings a new and much-requested multitasking feature in a platform. Especially on large-screen devices, multi-window support gives the new ways to engage more users.

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Another notable change is dragging and dropping between two different applications where content sharing becomes easier and faster. Moreover, with Android Nougat direct reply of notification is possible. The user can reply to their notification directly from their spot in a tray. When nougat was announced, the huge rush of

When nougat was announced, the huge rush of existing users has noticed along with those who were not using compatible devices. So, we can say that Nougat is prevailing nowadays.

Verdict: Besides above advantages of Android app development, iOS is more favorable option to choose. The reasons for choosing an iOS over Android is its effective marketing, known quality, and frictionless user experience.

Nevertheless, Android is more trend-full in app development depending on the target audience, good choice, ease of use and mainly the cost.

Quite apart from all of this, The Android operating system customization can be supported by the Android device while in the iOS environment, customization is not necessary. So, Android is a lot more versatile compared to iOS.

Influence: With all these surveys and incredible certainty, we can say that Android is more preferable among every mobile application development platform based on Higher Portability, Frequency and Updates, Google Interact Reputation, Java Roots, Test Version, Integrated Development Environment and much more. These are the aspects that affect advantageously and shows the adaptive nature of Android.

Instance: Pokemon Go is an ideal illustration of this. It is downloaded for 100 million times, earning a gross of $10 million dollars per day. So, a mobile application is simply created with something that breaks down the encroachment and replaces it articulately.

Other Advantages: As discussed earlier Google allows customization in Android development. Application developers are enticed to play with the UI and can make more powerful user experience!

Android App Development

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Android 7.0 Nougat Features

Android “Nougat” is the seventh major version of the Android Operating System and finally, it is here! Nexus devices being the first to receive the update. The LG V20 was the first new smartphone released with Nougat.

Nougat may not have delivered the same visual overhaul that was delivered in Android Lollipop, two versions ago, but Nougat does provide a lot of major improvements and sophistication over Marshmallow, along with quite a few arguably more important usability changes. It includes a variety of new features and capabilities for users and Android app developers.

If you are wondering what all the major new features and changes have been introduced in Nougat by Google, read below.


Better Performance for Games and Browsing: Android 7.0 integrates Vulkan, a new 3D rendering API, into the platform that is designed to minimize CPU overhead in the driver, that allows GPU operation more directly.

  • It can also enable multiple threads to perform the work, such as command buffer construction at once and provide better parallelization.
  • To play the games and other similar application on the same phone it allows to use a multi-core processor so we can expect better performance over the time.
  • Apart from these functionalities, there are some optimizations added to the way applications run in the background which stops unnecessary access to RAM and enhance mobile performance.

Split-Screen Mode: With Nougat, Google has added a major characteristic that’s been a long time to come: split-screen support. Google’s implementation is similar to the Multi-window feature. By long pressing the recent apps button, you can put an app in split view mode which then also brings up the recent apps switcher at the bottom of the screen to allow you to select the second app you want in split view.

  • Usually, the split-screen mode gives the 50% of screen area to be used, but this can be changed to one’s liking. They may change it by dragging the handlebar between the apps up or down.
  • Nougat has added a “clear all” button at the top of it through which it can reduce the number of apps that appear in the multitasking view.
  • The great news is up until now, split-view multitasking was only available on Samsung and selected LG devices. Despite, with the Nougat, this feature will be available to all Android Devices.

Power-Saving Features: New feature of Android marshmallow 6.0 called Dose can preserve the battery while the phone is lying at rest and idle but now this feature is even more improved and effective in Nougat Android 7.

  • At present, your devices can drop into lower power usage while it is in your pocket or bag or when you are on the move.

Virtual Reality: Android 7.0 is Designed to give for well built Virtual Reality experience with the Daydream platform for VR headsets.

  • To let developers build high-quality mobile VR experiences for users, Nougat adds platform support and optimizations for a new VR Mode.
  • There are a number of performance intensifications, including access to an exclusive CPU core for VR apps. Within your apps, you can take an advantage of intelligent head-tracking, and stereo notifications that work for VR.

Direct Reply: The new version of Android is come out with an overhaul in Notification as well.

  • When the notification pop-up on the top of the screen it offers custom views along with the direct reply. This can help you to answer a text or chat message directly from the notification pane.

Quick Setting: The top of the notification panel in Android Nougat is now available with the features of quick toggles for WI-FI, Data server, and other important system settings.

  • It can be accessed by using two finger swipe down gesture from the home screen or by swiping down once with the notification panel.
  • Quick Setting has now graduated to a completely developed feature in Nougat such as you can be able to customize the tiles being displayed in Quick Setting not only by adding new tiles but also with rearranging the existing tiles in the order you like.

Faster and More Secure: As always, Android is built with powerful layers of security and encryption to keep your private data private. In the nougat devices, new features like seamless updates, File- based encryption and Direct boot are added.

  • Seamless updates: New Android device with Nougat 7.0 can install software updates in the background which means there is no need wait while device installs the updates and optimizes all the apps for a new version.
  • File based encryption: Android Nougat is capable of isolating and securing the files of an individual user on the device.
  • Direct Boot: Direct Boot helps to start your device in a faster way and it helps to run application securely even before you unlock your device when your device reboots.

All these features mentioned earlier gives us the certainty that Android nougat is far better than the previous version of Android. If you want to know more about Android 7.0 please visit Android application development company in India.

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Hire Dedicated Developer

Concetto Labs is a web and Mobile application development Company in India as well Android Application Development Company that has developed a large number of Apps. Their development expands several apps like educational, Shopping and Travel more. Concetto Labs is the best place to Hire Android App Developer.

Ref: Android 7.0 Nougat Features

Hire Premium iPhone App Development Company in India

The iOS application store has swung on to another development, and now has more than a great many applications being downloaded by billions of people. Apple being the verifiable pioneer in versatile part has created an iPhone application advancement industry in itself. The assortment this industry offers is unlimited. Each brand each business is in the requirement for iPhone and iPad-applications. This need has additionally made a multitude of iOS application designers in a market with each engineer weaponed with his own critical quality.

So by what means should brands coordinate with the supreme or make due with the best? One of the essential contemplations is to assess on the premise of the group of designers who will convey life to the application. What’s more, the group at Concetto Labs typifies exceptionally gifted iOS Developers and UI architects who come up with stylishly stable and easy to understand iPhone applications.

Versed in the domain of iPhone application advancement, Concetto Labs gloats about its productive characteristic in versatile application improvement benefits on a ground of modified customer needs. Having taken into account a wide exhibit of customers with far-running citified and arête administrations, Concetto Labs have turned into the primitive selection of its customers. The center of its administrations is an adjusted blend of value and on-time conveyance, to hoist your business to top. Concetto Labs is about overhauled innovation and devices, best industry practices, plans and reasonable iPhone arrangements. Their verbose iPhone application advancement administrations for built up organizations and a new buzz around the local area are altogether coordinated to draw in the iPhone clients usefully. Being a capable iPhone application Developer, Concetto Labs enables its customers to arrange, screen outline, storyboard and fabricate the iPhone application through each stage unless it gets to the application store and the world uses it.

composite of hand using smartphone with graphics

Key reasons why trying iPhone application business people channel down to Concetto Labs as their iOS application developer?

  1. A coruscating group of iOS designers who are skillful in executing the selective innovation of Mac and Apple.
  2. History of mollified iPhone application customers. Its execution track represents itself with no issue.
  3. Utilization of trendiest iOS SDK innovation and development getting it done.
  4. The incentive for time is an incentive for cash and endeavors. Strict adherence to due dates.
  5. Consistent correspondence with the customers for refreshing them on the work in advance.
  6. Straightforward charging framework and sensible estimating.
  7. Deal supporter, SEO arranged and easy to understand iPhone application arrangements.

Concetto Labs impactful strides towards iPhone application advancement:

  1. Exceptional meeting to generate new ideas to dissect the application thought and examine the one of a kind arrangement of arrangements.
  2. Depict the extent of task
  3. Work out the cost
  4. Plan the application advancement
  5. Setting up a parallel match between the application coding and the Apple rules.
  6. Demo of the outlined iPhone application to the customer and joining the progressions assuming any.
  7. Carrying the application content at standard with SEO rules.
  8. Last accommodation of the application to the App Store for endorsement and making it live for the world on the loose.

A combination of iPhone application improvement administrations offered by Concetto Labs in changed businesses:

  1. iPhone Apps Testing
  2. Corporate iPhone Applications
  3. Bespoke application improvement
  4. iPhone UI/UX Development
  5. iPhone M-business App Creation
  6. iOS/iPhone Games Development
  7. iOS application programmer
  8. iPhone Widget Development
  9. iPhone Support and Maintenance

Hire Dedicated Developer

The blazon of unexampled iPhone applications Concetto Labs create:

  1. Date-book based applications
  2. Cloud-Based Apps
  3. Video/Audio Streaming applications
  4. Marking applications
  5. Setting driven applications
  6. Web-based social networking applications
  7. Standardized-tag Scanner based applications
  8. Address and Location Based Applications
  9. Voice, Text, or potentially Video Chat applications
  10. Enlarged Reality applications
  11. E-Reading applications
  12. GPS-based constant applications
  13. Business applications
  14. Photography applications
  15. Secret key Security applications
  16. Spotlight applications

Concetto Labs is a site and Mobile applications development Company India & iPhone App Development Company that has built up a substantial number of Apps. Their improvement extends a few applications like instructive, Shopping and Travel and so on. Concetto Labs is the best place to Hire iPhone App Developer.

Quick Tips before hiring Android App Developer

Mobile applications have a high preference over the web based solutions because they are more transformative and adaptive than the web. Mobile technology is booming at much faster rate. Moreover, the arrival of Android app/game development company has changed the traditional approach. Nowadays mobile devices are all that is required to remain engaged throughout the day and to perform the desired activities by few tapes.

The fact is this approach is going older with each passing day, but there are still few companies in India that provide extraordinary services. For getting the right kind of assistance for Android game/app development requirements, it is the best solution to start connecting to expertise android development companies rather than hiring a freelance developer. It is a safer option to hire experienced and well-established companies for your project.


When you decide to hire Android app developers, there are numerous things that should be considered. Have a look at some of the most important tips to hire an appropriate Android application development company.

1) Verify company’s experience & creativity

To gauge the expertise of company, start the procedure by checking their portfolio. It will cater a brief glance about their proof of expertise. Review the information or can have looked over play store or app store. Do those apps get a good number of downloads? Which technology have they used for that project? Do those apps are getting good ratings or any relevant question to the project.

2) Don’t let price drive you

To get served at an affordable price one should always discuss the pricing with the company before it costs less and ends up with the unsatisfactory work. It is not required that if you pay high, you will get more quality work. But often the lowest cost option can turn out to be more expensive in the long run. So instead of taking a chance of danger, one should hire Android developer with the potential to build a feature-packed and quality-rich app within a reasonable price.

3) Developers should be adaptive to change

It is very important for any application developer to perpetually connect with the latest buzzing market trends and should adopt new time-tested technologies to provide next generation solution. They should be pliable and ready to provide professional assistance even in competitive deadlines and environment.

4) Inquire about the development team

Mobile app development is not a one-time activity. Apps have to go through many evolutions and cycles based on constant user feedback. In many instances, it has been discerned that many companies hire freelancers for the app development and then client have to experience hardship with the quality work. So, it is truly acceptable to connect with the team members and inquire about them.

5) Check whether the developer is interested in enhancing business, not just in the coding

Good application developer and best application developer are immensely apart from each other. The good developer might be able to bring out an innovative solution through their knowledge, the Best developer is aware of the outcome of their efforts. They know how to get a good return and what will work on an app store. Hence, hire Android game developers discreetly and check who can give you an advantage from all perspectives.

Wrapping Up

Besides the suggestions that have been listed here, it is always good to hire Android application development company that is known globally and can offer resourceful services at the competitive cost. Furthermore, the years of experience also matters for the creative and idiosyncratic solutions. Thus, take your time and conduct the necessary due diligence and make sure you are fully satisfied with the partner you choose to work with.

Blog credits: Concetto Labs