Which one should you prefer hubspot or wordpress?

Website designing and content management have witnessed a huge rise in the past few years. Most of the businesses are online now with dedicated websites and blogs. In such scenarios, Content Management Systems CMS has a very vital role to play. There are multiple CMS launched with features which can survive through tough competitions. Currently, we have such 2 giant players in the world of CMS, with extremely exciting features and user-friendliness which are HubSpot Or WordPress.
Before selecting any of the CMS, it is important to know your business needs and study both the CMS’s. Here a little information about both the CMS’s and the best features!


WordPress is an excellent CMS which has gained huge popularity due to its ease of usage, updating plug-ins, excellent features to manage the text and images. It is basically a blogging platform which has launched some of the revolutionary and flexible features since its launch in 2003.


HubSpot is a CMS along with features and the ability to optimize the content uploaded. This is an extraordinary platform which is well suited for blogs and websites nowadays. The reason is the powerful and add-on features like marketing, social media, analysis and other important tools which are associated with this media!
There are some powerful features of a typical CMS and which makes one CMS better than the other. Here we list some of the main features or aspects on which the best CMS is decided.
HubSpot or WordPress

1. User friendliness

User friendliness is extremely important for any CMS. The user of the system may or may not have any knowledge about the content management. These systems must be easy and flexible to use for such users. In WordPress, the features are easy to use and the plug-ins and updations are quite flexible the user can develop and modify the code easily. Also, the base language is php which is very popular and known to people.
While in HubSpot, the user is required to use the typical Hubl which is the HubSpot Markup Language for coding the content which is comparatively lesser known. But, to cover this up, HubSpot provides some amazing built-in templates which would reduce the need to code. These templates are simple easy to use.


Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of blogging and website management. A successful SEO for blog or website can make the business reach a brand new level. HubSpot provides some amazing SEO suggestions after scanning all the pages of your content which will improve your page ranking. However, HubSpot uses its own database to optimize the SEO tools and thus, you won’t be able to pull away from the data from other databases.
WordPress comes with a very easy and unique database integration in which you can configure the database and fetch data. The plug-ins will allow you to optimize the website/ blog and will provide suggestions to improve page rankings!

3.Design and interface

If you are looking for the best design and customization options, WordPress allows you to select from a number of templates which you would love. The tool build-up will get easy in WordPress where you can also build your own code and design your website or blog the way you want.
When it comes to HubSpot, the design and interface are more flexible as you can use the ready templates for your blog/ website. You would be able to use the designs but the designs are not that exciting and innovative as you would need. If you need to build a design on your own, on HubSpot, it’s a difficult task!

4.Cost of the CMS

HubSpot is quite a costly system where you would need to spend around $300 every month. The additional packages for the enterprise version can cause you even more.
WordPress is quite popular and one of the reasons is its flexible cost. It is actually a free platform but for hosting you would have to pay anything around $10-$50 every month.

Hubspot or WordPress Conclusion

wordpress versus hubspot
These are the most important aspects and features on which the comparisons can be made. Before opting for any CMS, you need to know your requirements. If you want a CMS with multiple built-in features, marketing options, social media support, and user-friendliness, you must opt for HubSpot. If you have low cost, best design and SEO with a high community support on your priority list, you must go for WordPress CMS!

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Comparison and Co-relation: Squarespace vs WordPress

Do you know the options or platforms where you can build a website for yourself? WordPress is the most common as well as a well-known platform which is used to build websites. But have you heard about Squarespace yet? Well if not, read this blog to know the comparison & correlation between Squarespace and WordPress!

What is Squarespace?

Originated in the US, it is private SaaS (Software as a Service) based hosting platform for websites. We can develop sites utilizing prefabricated site layouts and simple drag & drop options for basic site components, for example, content or pictures. Developers can likewise make custom site formats that are sold to clients.

It mainly has two versions:

  1. Standard version
  2. Developer’s version

The standard version of Squarespace is for the ones with non-developing skills or for the fresher’s, whereas the developer’s version will allow the Squarespace developer or any WordPress developer to manipulate & make changes in the code according to the needs.

Now that we know what Squarespace is, let us check out why should we move from WordPress to Squarespace.

Squarespace vs WordPress: Trending in 2018

So why is it trending? Because the main motive of Squarespace is anyone regardless of IT or non IT background can build their websites on their own.

Benefits of Squarespace over WordPress:

  1. The setup of Squarespace is quicker then WordPress as it is a one-stop solution. So “Quicker Setup.”
  2. Just because everything is developed under one roof, things are not complicated. You have a clear vision of every stage of the development. So “Easier Learning.”
  3. We all mostly want our websites to be responsive & including payment gateways. It has an hassle-free integration of the same. So “Seamless e-commerce.”
  4. It provides 24*7 boundless support to its clients. So “Customer Service anytime/anywhere.”

Now that you know the benefits of Squarespace, let us compare it with Wix! (Wix is another platform like Squarespace and WordPress where you can build websites, manage contents, images etc.)

Squarespace vs WordPress: The SEO Aspect!

“Old is Gold” it is always said. This implies here too. Let me tell you WHY?

Although Squarespace has brought is many changes in SEO, it still lacks when it comes to WordPress. Thus leading from Squarespace to WordPress.

So here is Squarespace vs WordPress SEO:

  1. Squarespace provides you shared hosting which may lower down the speed & ease with which your website must work. Thus affecting the rank in SEO.
  2. WordPress allows many features & plugins including the Yoast SEO which provides on page SEO feature. Not possible with Squarespace.
  3. Squarespace does not support rich snippets. Rich snippets help you to optimize your data on the website.

So, it might be difficult to rank your Squarespace website keeping in mind the above aspects, your Squarespace SEO can be a blunder. However more optimized results can be obtained when you opt for WordPress.

For more information on Squarespace vs WordPress analytics visit: wpbeginner

Squarespace vs WordPress vs Wix

Although they are positively more fruitful than a large portion of the other accessible frameworks right now, while Squarespace and Wix are for the most part genuinely all around coordinated, WordPress commands the business right now.

Following are the reasons WHY?

WordPress may take somewhat longer to get to holds with than Wix, however, in the event that you’re about to build a decent website, it is certainly justified regardless of the exertion.

  1. Squarespace can give you an expert looking interface, the usefulness is more constrained and there is no free choice by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. Moreover, WordPress has an expansive client base. This is simple to discover convenient modules, plugins etc. and WordPress outline organizations to give you a chance to take your website to next level.

However, whatever content administration framework you pick, there are a lot of online aides and plan offices accessible to encourage you on the off chance that you need to make a genuinely exceptional website.

From Squarespace to WordPress: Bottom-line!

WordPress is far prevalent than Squarespace as a web distributing stage for any sort of website. Squarespace can be a sensible decision for small milestones that need constrained usefulness. Squarespace is a better inconvenience when making blog posts. Apart from this, WordPress beats Squarespace in every utilization situation.

We hope that this article will help you to make a proper decision for your website. Please leave us your comments about any query related to Squarespace and WordPress & we will revert back on the same!

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15 Annoying things about WordPress you would wish to Fix

WordPress is one of the best platforms which allow building user-friendly, interactive and eye catchy websites effortlessly. The ample of themes and plug-ins provide an appealing look at the websites. However, it also consists of some annoying features which everybody would like to fix. Thanks to the developers that the code of wordpress is an open source and anyone can easily fix the things they find annoying!

Here’s a compilation of the top 15 annoying things we wish to fix in wordpress:


  1. Modifying the username

One of the hectic things about wordpress is you have to go through the tedious process of creating the username as once the username is created, you cannot change it. Changing the username is a detailed process which is simply annoying!

  1. Setting backup

It is very important to set the backup, but this is also one of the most annoying things you have to deal while using wordpress. There’s no built-in backup system and thus, users have to backup data. For saving your data from disasters, you have to face the backup setting disaster daily!

  1. Tackling spam

It is not easy to handle spam in wordpress. Spam comments can be highly frustrating. When you get hundreds of spam comments, there’s nothing you can try to handle those comments and it’s really irritating!

  1. Switching between the themes

You enter in the world of changing themes and get lost in the pool of widgets, themes, layouts and such settings. There are certain themes with complex layouts and designs which will annoy you!

  1. Editing a page

For editing a single page, you will have to go to different places. Either for changing the widgets layouts, menus and different elements in a page, you will have to visit a lot of other pages which can simply turn frustrating!

  1. Changing the Uncategorized category

By mistake or knowingly, if you publish any post without adding the category, the category will be published under the uncategorized category. To fix this, you will have to edit the category, delete it or create a new one.

  1. Setting auto-updates

A lot of people still face issues in setting the updates.  The auto updates, themes and plug-ins setting is one of the most annoying things.

  1. Deactivating the wordpress plug-in

When errors occur, users need to deactivate all the plug-ins, as the plug-ins can be the reason of error and that is quite irritating.

  1. Modifying the database

To change or modify the database is quite irritating and also a huge challenge. Users have to work hard for improving the loading time of page using plug-ins.

  1. Handling the 404 error

You will be habituated to witness the 404 error screen on your device while using wordpress. However, there are some ways to fix this.

  1. Not able to login to the Admin panel

This is one of the major issues one faces while using wordpress.  When you get locked out at the Admin panel, fixing it comes with a lot of headache!

  1. Changing password frequently

To ensure security, changing password is highly recommended.  Using the cpanel is quite annoying and tough.

  1. The visual editor mode

Switching between the visual and html mode is one of the hectic processes. If you are looking forward to change the code, click on the visual mode and your brain will be hanged on what to do next!

  1. Creating efficient image gallery

To create an image gallery which is well organized, you will have to go through a lot of stuff. Simple features like albums, lightboxes and tagging are unavailable which makes it tough to create a gallery.

  1. Adding format options to post editor

Though there are a number of formatting options available in the post editor, switching between the text and visual editor for formatting will cause disturbance.


These are the top 15 most annoying things about wordpress that give me headaches. Fixing these issues is quite time consuming and very complex for non techies so try to prevent these issues and escape the trouble

Important Questions Ask Before Hire WordPress Developer/Programmer

WordPress is becoming more and more popular as people are getting familiar with the benefits & advantages. Currently, WordPress is becoming a favorite platform as approximately 23% to 24% websites are made with WordPress. Hire WordPress Developer and Programmers, as well as clients, know that there is no staunch coding required for building a WordPress Website. It has turned out to be more suitable to develop such website with the availability of ideal resources and proficiency. WordPress development can be risky when the support and resources are not compatible with the need and requirement of the business. Thus, you need to be careful about the decision to make regarding if you want to outsource such services from a dependable WordPress development company or want to hire Expert WordPress Developer for your requirement.

Questions To Ask Before Hire WordPress Developer

1. How much experience the developers have in WP development?

Experience matters the most. You need to ask about the experience of the outsourcing company in this field. If you choose to hire WordPress developer, you need to make sure that the person should have minimum 3 to 4 years of industry expertise.

2. Automated Theme or Customized Theme. What is the process?

Sounds technical but is necessary to ask for to recognize the skills of the Development Company or Developer. Customized offers fully modifiable functions and automated is good when no additional functions are to be included. If you hire from us, make yourself at home. We offer both the options to choose from.

3. Are Responsive Features included?

People are getting more and more click through rates as they possess responsive websites. Individuals are moving towards smartphones and tablets and thus how your website becomes compatible and responsive is the question to ask.

4. How will the developer optimise your website for SEO?

WordPress is a SEO-friendly platform and includes all SEO features for better results. A developer who understands the negative and positive aspects of your website is able to handle SEO efficiently. The main objective for you is to ask the developer about strategies they’ll apply to boost rankings of your website.

5. Does the developer know about PSD to WordPress Transformation?

When you hire developers in India, they should be acquainted with the techniques about PSD to WordPress conversion. Due to the advantages of WordPress, people want their current website transformed into it. The developers can easily modify and change the entire website into elegant WordPress themes.

6. Will the website be secure from undesirable components?

The company or developer should have the knowledge about the security tricks for the WordPress website. Ask about how it will save the website from hackers so that you understand their capability for strengthening your website.

7. How will the developer provide Support and Maintenance to your website?

From the starting, ask the company or developer if they can provide support after the website is made. If they agree, ask about how they will communicate in a case when support is needed.

Thus, it is very much important to ask the above questions at the beginning of the communication to the company or developer. This will not only help you find the best developer or Development Company but will also inspire you to know the more about web development.

Hire WordPress Developer

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