Things to Consider While Going for Wearable App Development

Most of us out there must be owning smartphones and wearable devices. It makes our life so easy, isn’t it? But, have you ever wondered your life without them in this century? You can survive without them just for a few days. These smart devices prove to be so helpful – connecting people, getting food, music, creativity and a lot more. But have you ever wondered how are wearable devices stand apart in the vast world of smart gadgets?

They are among the perfect devices for those who are inclined towards fitness. They calculate how much you walk, your calorie intake, your heartbeat rate, the calories you burn, your sugar levels and a lot more. Wow! Have you ever wondered how are these things possible? We are grateful to the coders and designers who managed to initiate an innovative thing called wearable app development.

Of course, these developers are employed in wearable app development companies across the globe. These companies ensure that they develop the apps that match the needs of the device. The bearing capacity of wearable devices is low and hence they cannot support heavy applications. In case, the developers develop heavy apps for better user experience, the devices would be damaged.

Although, the technologies differ from device to device. Different testing processes and plans would surely prove to be of a great help for avoiding the device damage. Here is what you need to be considerate about…

Giving a kickstart

Be it any techie, he would surely ensure to not rush into things as it might create an issue while compiling the code. And the real mess is to find that one error. Hence, you should ensure that the app you are working on should have a plan that stabilizes the internal processes. Discuss with your team and eliminate all the existing loopholes.

Simplicity is the best policy

Keeping the user interface simply is the most important thing. Thinking from a customers’ point of view is important. Would you like to use your device if it is not user friendly? In the generation of having the things at fingertips, it is important to have a good user interface.  For example, for listening to your favorite music tracks while jogging, you need to have a simple user interface of the wearable device. This is because you would either want to change the song or toggle your volume. Thus, during wearable device app development simplicity needs to be the very first point.

Look and feel matters

When you go to buy a new phone or a device, the first thing that attracts you is the physical design, the colors, flashlights and the desired functions. You must see that everything is in the right place to grab the attention of many. Although, it is not as easy as said. All you got to do is put in efforts.

Everything needs to be creative

If you want to sell yourself in the market, wearable app development needs to creative and unique. Thinking outside the box and providing more features would definitely get you into the limelight. Wouldn’t it be great to compete with others? Being up for challenges can help you grow every day. It might be risky, but it is necessary to take risks while starting up you own business.


Being specific is important

Wearable technology development requires pairing with the mobile device. So, it is important to be very specific with the architectures you chose. This is because you need to automatically synchronize the wearables with the phones.

Testing is Crucial

Be it any wearable service android or any app development, it is crucial to get through all the testing processes. You cannot just launch an application without knowing it works perfectly fine on the devices. The apps need to stop responding quite frequently. This testing includes UI testing, Database testing, device testing, Blackbox testing, white box testing and a lot more.


Grocery App Development: How it benefits the buyers and retailers

Every business is nowadays turning online due to the attractive profits and expanded customer base!  People keep finding easy and flexible ways to shop for home items where the grocery business turning online is such a great benefit! You no more have to rush to the grocery store and carry the bulky bags at your home! While online businesses have turned into such a profitable idea, the application or grocery app development is another feature which makes online businesses even more flexible!

Every business can survive if it benefits the customers and the retailers and thus, it is important to know how the grocery shopping app can serve beneficial for both the parties! It is interesting to know how Grocery app development idea can manage to survive!

Here are the benefits of Grocery App Development for buyers and retailers!

Benefits for customers/ users:

For users or customers, this is a complete win-win situation. The groceries are delivered to the doorstep which is so flexible.  There are some important benefits listed below:

  1. Time savvy

The best benefit of using the grocery app is it will simply save a lot of time. Just start the app, choose your favorite grocery shop, choose the products and make the payments! No driving to the shop and no more handling the huge bags of groceries! Within minutes, your order will be placed and soon the grocery will arrive! The best grocery management app will help you save a lot of time!

  1. Customised shopping

The customised shopping includes the selection of shops and products of your choice. In the grocery shop app, there are multiple shops listed from which, you can choose your trusted shop, browse all the options and order after getting the satisfactory results! Search for Best grocery app India and you will get flooded with results.

  1. Multiple payment options

You get multiple and easy payment options. You can pay cash, through your band cards and from different payment gateways! Sometimes, there are amazing offers and deals which will help you get the best shopping discounts!

  1. Cost effective

When you browse multiple shops and compare the product prices, you make great savings! Also, the apps and shops provide discounts on frequent shopping! What can be more amazing than this flexibility!

Benefits for retailers:

  • The retailer can have a direct contact with the app owner and get his products/shop listed online! The best benefit for the retailers is that they won’t need a store to sell the products! No need to maintain a shop which can cost bucks and bucks! Just maintain a warehouse and get listed on the best grocery app!
  • For the best results, get the products listed on the Grocery shopping app android and Grocery shopping app iPhone. Listing the products on these two types of platforms will give the retailers
  • The retailers can save time, can get the best rates/profits from the buyers and if the retailers have their dedicated shops, they can build a strong brand reputation!

OIUF610 (1)


In some recent surveys, around 70% people inquired for online grocery stores while 80% people searched for the related apps which show that the scope of grocery app is quite high!

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Top Trending Mobile App Design Practices of the 2017

Mobile applications are proven revolutionary which can benefit the businesses as well the customers in different ways. All the online businesses are now heading towards mobile application development. However, the most important thing while getting your business app is the selection of the best designers who can give you the best Mobile app design.

The most important thing about Mobile app development is the user friendliness and ease of operation. The apps must be designed in a way which can allow all types of users to browse and understand the business easily! From layman to experts, everyone should get impressed by the design and user friendliness of the application!

Here are the top mobile app design practices which are followed this year and are highly appreciated!

1. Easy updation facility

The best application design is the one in which, you can make updations easily! Choose the design in which you can add more functionality, erase the tools and content in a way which won’t disturb the entire application design. Choose the Mobile app design company which promises to serve you with the flexible and easy updation features!

2. Decide and design as per the platform

There are two platforms on which, you can launch your mobile application, iPhone, and Android. Choose the platform and design your website keeping in mind the platforms! The applications on both these platforms are different and thus, the compatibility changes. Thus, develop the application in such a way where the app is shown in the same format in which it is built and is compatible with different devices!

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3. Animation and Gif’s

Animation industry has gained a lot of popularity. When the animation is applied to an application, the user easily understands the concepts and messages prepared for the customers. With the best animation, the layout and functionalities of the app can be highly improved. Thus, do not forget animation functionality to relate with the users and build the best App UI friendly design! The animations and GIF’s are the latest trends!

4. Add on scrolling with attractive tools

Everyone loves those apps which can let the customers browse more flexible and in more innovative ways! The Best mobile app design is the one in which, the customer can click, surf, scroll and browse the functionalities in a smooth way! This improved the engagement of the user towards the app will get benefits for the owners of the application business. With such smooth functionalities, the users are expected to get involved in shopping and preferring the same app again and again!

5. Colours used in the design

The colors and shades used in the application development are quite important. Imagine what you would think about an application which is poorly designed with immature color combinations? Choose the sober and elegant shades which can let the users read and understand the content. Don’t use so bright colors which can cause distraction and irritation in the users! Especially, the Company mobile application design must be elegant and super sophisticated with the best colors!

imageedit_3_7160846546 (1)

These are the most important design considerations which you must keep in mind while getting your app developed!

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5 Tips for iPhone/iPad App Development

All of us would agree, owning an iPhone or an iPad is a lot more than just owning gadgets. It is a rage among the people today, especially the young professionals. Being the pioneers in the smartphone industry, Apple is undoubtedly the best in the market.

Pre-requisite to App Development:

Development of an app is the most vital thing for any operating system. A developer needs to have a wide range of understanding of concepts & practical application, and many other aspects are to be considered when it is about developing a new app for any operating system. There are many times when we cannot promise success when it comes to the development of an application for iPhone. Now with the new UI and UX, iOS has a great variety of things which can deliver a very appealing and commanding experience for the users.

Tips for Developing App for iOS:

There are hundreds of people who provide iOS app development services. You will get a number of iOS app development services offering companies, anywhere in the world, which you can easily find out through the internet.

While developing an app for iOS, a developer must have the following in mind:

1. Rendezvous with the User

How many times has it happened that you download an app for about an hour or so and then just delete it in 5 minutes – just because you don’t feel connected with it?Any technology will fail unless the user feels connected or related to the application.

2. Performance Matters!

Has it ever happened that you download an app, and as soon as you start using it the whole system just hangs up! How irritating, isn’t it? If you are a developer, you must keep in mind that on an average an app should not take more than 3 or 4 seconds to load.

3. Device Compatibility

If you are an app developer, then you must keep in mind that your app needs to be attuned with all iOS devices. Even the latest of the devices must be compatible with the app you are developing.

4.What is the Purpose?

It is a very simple fact that the app should be capable of delivering what it is supposed to! The end-user must be completely satisfied with the app. You must have observed that in the updates list, apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Apps and even other popular apps always get an update alert every other week. The idea behind this is that the customer always needs something new or better version of the same app.

5.User Interface

There is no denial that the first impression is the last impression, and this is applicable in case of apps also. You must design an app with so much involvement that you must first design the user interface first and then implement on the app.The UI needs to be good even for smaller screens.

App Development

Last but not the least, you must first fix earlier bugs and errors in any app and then only concentrate on developing a new application. Concetto Labs help us in resolve bugs & errors in already build a mobile application & make error Free app. Contact us now for iPhone/iPad App Development.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:The Next-Gen iPhone

On September 12th of 2017, Apple revealed the next generation of iPhone: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The features include a stunning glass design with an aluminium body. Made of the most durable glass ever, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have Retina HD displays for the ultimate experience. Indulge in superlative augmented reality with an A11 Bionic chip. Wireless charging adds up as a dynamic capability. The camera features single and dual cameras on iPhone 8 Plus. Portrait Lighting makes the photography experience even better.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available for pre-order from September 15 in more than 25 countries. It will be in Stores from September 22.

A Short Overview of Features.

1. Magnificent Glass and Aluminium Design: An impressive back glass design. Three new finishes – Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. Glass made using seven layer colour process for ultimate opacity and hue. Aluminium is of the aerospace grade. It is water and dust resistant to a great extent.

2. Stunning Retina HD Displays: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have 4.7 and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays. It provides natural, paper like reading experience. Stereo speakers redesigned up to 25% louder than previous gen iPhone. Results in a deeper bass, rich music experience, great videos and clear calls.

3. The Powerful A11 Bionic: A11 Bionic chip comprises of Six-core CPU design. Two performance cores made 25% faster and Four efficiency cores made 70% faster than A10. Can run all six cores together, providing 70% more performance. Resulting in more power, great battery life and effective use. Apple-designed GPU delivers 30% faster graphic performance.

4. Augmented Reality Experts: iPhone 8 Plus has an independent-calibrated camera with new gyroscopes. It also has accelerometers for exact motion tracking. With ARKit, iOS developers can take advantage of the TrueDepth and rear cameras. They can develop games and apps that offer a great experience. Such experience would go beyond the screen to a whole new level.

5. Wireless Future is here: Well this Gen of iPhone is open to the great feature of wireless charging. Back glass design enables this awesome feature.

6. iOS 11 – The World’s Most Exceptional Mobile OS: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus come with iOS 11, making Live photos more fun. Siri introduces new male and female voices and can translate English to Spanish, French, German, Italian or Chinese. iOS 11 is a hot and latest update for iOS developers at they have now a platform for virtual reality into apps.

7. Camera – Better Photos and Videos: Featuring a 12-megapixel camera, smart sensors, and deeper pixels. New image signal processor, wide colour capture, and faster auto-focus in low light. Better HDR photos. A new quad LED true tone flash with slow sync results in well-lit backgrounds and foregrounds. Thus, Vivid, Realistic colours and more detail.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Specification

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available in space grey, silver and an all-new gold finish. 64GB and 256GB capacity models starting at $699 (US) will be available from and Apple Stores. Also available through Apple Authorized Re-sellers and select carriers (prices may vary).

iPhone 8

Concetto Labs is an Indian Web and Mobile App Development Company providing iOS app development services for your all needs or you can do it under your personal attention and Hire iOS developer or just leave us an inquiry for what you wish to make and we’ll make it come true!!

Considerations to partner with iOS or Android App Development Company

Okay! So has your business has reached a level, where a mobile app development company is the only distinguishing attribute which can boost the profit numbers and good will of yours in the market? If the answer is yes, let’s proceed with an intricate research on how we should settle down with the best of the available options.

You might have a small business, a start up firm or a giant enterprise, but when the need for mobile app arises, the core purpose is common – business boost. Mobile app development is a complex task which needs a team of experienced and expert professionals. So, undoubtedly like several strategic corporate needs, app development is something which needs to be outsourced for getting the excellent customer experience. But before moving out of the company premises and looking for appropriate options to shake hands with, every business should first get its share of homework done.

Understand why does your business need a mobile application?

Have a crisp and clear answer to the following queries:

  • What are the goals and targets attached to the app?
  • What are the essential functions and features as desired in the app?
  • How and where does the mobile app fit into your business model?
  • How will the app be in harmony with the other related business software?

Even if you don’t have precise answers to all these queries, a vague idea and curious initiative to get these answers will let you draw a clear mobile app development roadmap, on your first meet with the prospective app developer. Often the team of business analysts seated at the app developers and help in drawing an outline which ensures in depth understanding of the project from the start.

Know your monetary limits

Once you are aware of the attributes, function, and technicalities involved in your app development, it becomes easier for you to draw a cost estimate in regard to the project. One may have word with the developer or even research through the internet to have an idea on cost because there are parameters like quality of developer and size of the app which affects the overall budget. However, some of the common industry estimates are based on the following three parameters:

  1. A simple quality app
  2. A fully-functional business app
  3. Multi-platform apps

Which kind of mobile app Development Company is needed?

Mobile app development is one big umbrella with several categorized providers sustaining themselves under its head. And so, the party on the need side should know which category developer does it need. Mobile app development companies can be big or small, new or experienced. Their charges vary accordingly. It’s a rational choice at your end to opt for a company which can provide you with a one-time estimate, clarity of functions, timeliness, and quality all at a single shot.

Even the location is important

Location is a significant factor because the cost of app development company and the communication between the service taker and the provider very much depends on their respective location and the distance between them. App development company located in India are cost effective (THE ECONOMICAL APP DEVELOPMENT COST IN INDIA) as compared to those situated in USA or Australia. Moreover one should ensure that the time zone at both the ends should be such that ease of communication in respect to information sharing and queries is ensured.

App Development Company’s goodwill

In this herd of multiple app developers, not all are tagged as reputable and genuine. Making an online research, gathering the reviews, identifying the ratings attached, getting acquainted with its number of years of experience, past client’s satisfaction level survey, customer service, product portfolio understanding, etc are some of the few parameters which determine the overall goodwill of the mobile app development company and connectively its selection as the best.

The strategic development side of the app developer

When you are out to search for a mobile app developer, your search should be for a strategically equipped mobile app developer and not for a routine vendor. A strategically sound developer takes you through the entire strategic functionalities and technicalities of the development process beginning from planning to gathering requirements from stakeholders and UX designing and finally settling at the development process.




Considering the pace at which the mobile app industry is expanding, no business can foresee its existence in future in the absence of its mobile app. Therefore, it becomes essential for every business to carve its place in the Android and Apple Store where multiple players are giving a boost to their business through immaculate customer experiences. But the talent is all in settling down with the mobile app developer who best fits in all the aspects mentioned above. One may browse through the sites like Clutch, App Futura, and GoodFirms, and UpWork to search for the best mobile app developer.

7 Most Prominent Demanding Programming Languages in 2017.

There are tons of programming languages existing in the real world. You’re well aware of the never-ending updations of the programming language either. It is for that we’re examining the most prominent demanding programming languages in 2017. There are also a number of ways to rank the programming languages which include things like the number of websites made with them, GitHub Projects, Developer Surveys and Feedbacks, and various other criteria.

Here are the top 7 most prominent demanding programming languages in 2017.

Structured Query Language (SQL): It is the second most-exploited and popular language known by developers. SQL has a dramatic lead against the other languages in terms of search results. SQL is formally used to link and influence databases. It has become very much used to and popular with various activities like introducing new features, making it open-source, integration with R, the data analysis language, and Linux Integration.

Java: With the escalation in Android users in the market, a solid progress of its developers base, and the basic fundamental features of Java makes it worthy to learn. The most advantageous point of Java is that it is a simple, readable language used by almost scores of developers and devices in the world. Java is so much accepted that all the native Android Apps are built with Java and almost all the Fortune 500 companies exploit Java as a server-side language for backend development.

Python: Python became the third most common language after SQL and Java. Python is a general purpose programming language that accentuates code lucidity and increasing developer productivity. It is used for web and desktop apps and also for data mining.

JavaScript: JavaScript is mainly a client-side front end development scripting language. As JavaScript is all browser-friendly, it is used in more than 90 percent of all web pages and is one of the most popular programming languages on StackOverflow. The adaptability and acceptance of JS continuously grow and it is becoming more usable by creating offline-first functionality for web apps.

C++: C++, made up from the father of all programming languages C, is a powerful and high-performance language which is extensively and widely used to develop system software, games engines, desktop and web apps. A Number of developers find it hard to learn C++ than the dynamically typed Python or JavaScript languages.

iOS Swift: Swift from the iOS family which was launched in 2014, grabbed the seat to popularity because of its speed, easy to use approach, wide scale integration support and huge demand from the mobile app marketplace. Swift upgraded itself with new features like a better translation of Objective-C APIs, reconstruction of debugging identifiers and a new model for collections and directories.

PHP: PHP is a server-side programming language and is used on more than 80 percent of websites today including Wiki, Facebook, WordPress, and Tumblr. It is not a buzzing language right now but a great number of websites are still based upon it which makes it a great language to learn for developers.



Concetto Labs is a Web and App Development Company in India and provides support in 5 of the 7 most prominent demanding programming languages. Check Concetto labs for more or just leave us an inquiry today!

Business Application Development: A Vital Tool to Expand Your Business Market Share

As per the research by Pewresearch, “Mobile Devices aren’t just for texting and calling only.” The Article on THEVERGE, “Approximately 82% of Smartphone users are on Android Platform whereas 17% are on iOS.”

In the current fast-paced ever-changing corporate world, growth matters a lot for survival. Gearing up for the cutting-edge competition, start-ups and SMEs look for the continuous upgrade for their business. Mobile & web apps are gaining the upper hand with the ever-increasing user base and huge acceptance around the world. Precisely to say, there is a huge increase in demand for business app developers. Thus, the business application development will surge and benefit various businesses to establish larger market reach.


Various business owners and entrepreneurs are capitalizing as they get tailor-made apps built from the professional app developers. This, in turn, brings more consumers wanting to experience services and numerous other benefits. It is distinctive that a feature-packed and user-convenient app is constructive to simplify services for customers and cost-effective enough to widen the revenue generation rate.

Lead Generation: Customers don’t have to wait.

Extensive app through professional app development services provides consumers with top-notch products and services. The major benefit of such app is that it widely increases customer engagement. It is simple to gain more leads and target customers through push notifications and alerts through a mobile app. Also, the custom-made app provides direct access compared to websites. Customers do not have to wait for the launch.

Customer Loyalty: More value to the customers.

A customized app efficiently helps in holding the users with the support of customer relationship management structure. Customer preference and activities can be made accessible through an integration of feedback system and social media platforms. Also, loyalty program where customers get additional benefit or reward shall be included in the app to retain customers.

Efficient Business Management: Tools For Integrated Solutions.

For greater insight and effectively managing a business, tools for internal projects, grievance portals, job search, HR management, project real-time updates, inventory and resource details and more can be included in the integrated app. Major Advantage of such app is it can manage all departments with integration. Thus, one app can be a key to efficient business management.

Prompt Notifications and Push Alerts: Great For Promotions.

The crux of business application development is customer engagement and handling inner and outer processes. Push notifications provide customized alerts to communicate with customers effervescently. Also, it is utilized for sending latest updates which can increase the success rate for generating potential clients.

Online Marketing and Social Media: Increase Networks.


Severe Rise in the number of smartphone users has made business application development gain wide acceptance. Several SMEs and Businesses benefit from the same thus making their online presence and promotions on the corporate platforms and reaching potential customers.

In the current scenario, almost every business is virtual and online. There is a pressing need for an app for mobiles. It opens up the never-ending want for continuous expansion and diversification into new and untapped markets.

There are various mobile app development companies who can fulfill the dream of having an application for your business. Concetto Labs is one of the best app development companies in India which provides customized solutions as per your need. Contact Concetto Labs Today!

The App Development Cost in India

Is this not the first and the foremost aspect which is earnestly considered by every buyer ahead of making a purchase, heedless of the buyer and the product profile?

Although cost does vary in accordance to the benefits attached to the product; still a buyer first evaluates the cost and then ruminates about the benefits which that cost will bring along. When it comes to app development the cost considerations which are undertaken are:

  1. HOURLY RATES which vary from region to region and on the basis of the fact whether it’s an iOS app or Android app.
  2. TIME SPENT which is the time taken in designing, development, and testing
  3. COMPLIANCE with Google Play Store and iOS market

Apart from all the above cost comparison particulars, the app development price tag is also driven by the region where it is to be developed.  Majorly, US, UK, UKRAINE, and INDIA are the four distinguished countries which are the basis for the regional cost variation across a globe. Before going ahead with the study, it is to be clarified, that the content involves comparison on the basis of monetary value only and not on the basis of quality.

On an average, the value of app development (be it iOS or Android) which involves a time span of roughly eight weeks, will account to $ 48,000 in the US whereas in India it will cost 10x times less. Because of this vast dissimilarity in pricing, the cost comparison between India and US is a big-eyed subject matter in the app market. It has been studied that the low cost of app development in India is because of the increased number of app developers and low value of Indian currency. In fact, it is this low pricing aspect of Indian app development market which has applauded India as an outsourcing hub.

Very soon in the year 2018, India is going to become the nation with largest developer community (4 million). There is a huge amount of untapped potential in the Indian app market. Therefore, Google and Apple have all their eyes set to clinch this opportunity. In July 2016, Android Skilling was launched by Google to train 2 million developers for Android platform. Apart from this, Apple planned to come up with iOS App Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru so as to provide specialized support to local iOS developers.

App Downloads in India



With BENGALURU, DELHI and HYDERABAD taking up 55 percent of the Android app development market and also 45 percent of the iOS app development market, India in total has a vast assemblage of app developers be it for the purpose of buying a household item or for booking a cab. And because of this very reason over and above the low value of Indian Rupee, there exists a major difference in the cost of app development in India as compared to US or UK or UKRAINE.

Concetto Labs provide Android, iOS & Mobile affordable App Development Cost. We have 30+ professional Android, iPhone app developers & programmers.


As a web developer, you might possess an Athenaeum of preferred web development frameworks. But if you are amongst the one who along with personal comfort looks for the latest trends, so as to move at the momentum parallel to technology, you need to be aware of the latest web development technologies and new web development frameworks and eventually implement them. Therefore, here we present the list of time and trend friendly frameworks with their respective pros and cons.


Django is an avant-garde and out of the box open source framework, congenial up to Python version 3.4. It’s armed with templates, server side, and admin panel, so as to form the website without any rephrasing of the code. It also restrains you from using third party framework to figure a poignant website. Moreover, Django uses model template view to separate logic and views. Django has also been exercised by thousands of medium web sites and startups for its receptiveness, sufficient functionality, and good documentation.


  • Ease of ORM Object Rational Mapper to map projects with the database table.
  • It’s common database engines (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and others with additional drivers), makes migration between them very simple.
  • Self-equipped with lightweight development server.


  • Because of its concentrated development speed, it’s crucial to integrate new shiny buzzwords into the system.
  • A mammoth framework
  • Comparatively, large structure even if on making a simple landing page.
  • Complex


Ruby on Rails (RoR)

RoR was spawned to make the coding of web-based applications Elementary and agile. RoR clips a fundamental rule: Convention over Configuration. Rails is a helpful tool for professionals to construct varied web applications.


  • Convention over configuration gives the ease to write much less code.
  • Rails provide default structure for the database, the web service, and web pages.
  • Easy to use relational and non-relational database engines with drivers originally included.


  • A lot of to learn for first-time users
  • Ruby requires more server capacity and resources.


Express.js is an open-source framework for Node.js to form simple web applications with server side and API. It’s a canonical server framework for projects which use javascript. PayPal and MySpace are its users.


  • Uncomplicated interface to create websites and web apps.
  • It is very pliable and pluggable.


  • Requires installation of additional libraries and packages for effective development.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • A single computation blocks other computation requests until completed.



An open-source framework designed for single-page web apps and mobile app development, using MVC architectural motif. Angular is an evolution of AngularJS and a completely new framework. You can use it for common websites or landing pages, but not for those ones you want to see on top of Google or Yahoo search. It’s not SEO friendly.


  • Uses dynamic data to create a web application as opposed to the static HTML web site.
  • Based on components (stored in modules) which define what the web page will display.
  • Can easily link as many components as needed to a web page by alternating different custom tags.
  • Provides online update view for events, logic stored in component and changed data.


  • Zero backward compatibility to Angular 1.x
  • One needs to get accustomed to typescript first, before using it.
  • It is not SEO friendly.


React is devised and backed by Facebook. Although React is not a full-stack framework, it ensures only View-level (templating language) and certain callback functions to interpose HTML code, it’s a powerful front end tool.


  • Compatible tool for fast view renders.
  • React allows to re-render one element of the whole set of DOM elements
  • Compatible with Virtual DOM.
  • Freedom to build whole HTML page with each element as a single component (buttons, headers, check boxes, lists, tables etc) defining their view and behavior in corresponding js files.


  • Not possible to create a powerful application with the full-featured server side.
  • The complexity involved in moving complex designs from Photoshop or any sketch to JSX files.


Vue is a JavaScript library that ensures a View Model layer of MVVM pattern. It connects a model and a view and thus provides two-way data binding. Vue is an open source developed and supported by the community.


  • One of Vue’s most significant attribute is its reactivity
  • Too friendly for designers and easy to read.
  • Fast UI development.


  • Minimal features “in the box”
  • Less of documentation and plugins in comparison to competitors.


Meteor is a full-stack framework which makes use of javascript both for the front end and for backend designs, for developing real-time applications for web and mobile. One simply needs to build a normal web application with Meteor and it is automatically real time. It works on Node.


  • A front-end developer can easily work on the back-end with Meteor without switching between Ruby/Python/PHP or any other languages.
  • One code is supported on a client and a server both.
  • No need to use REST to get data.
  • Provides real time update.
  • Meteor has complete autonomous app compiler.


  • Additional node modules are needed while developing, and so it will be necessary to pay attention to their updates and compatibility.
  • It only works well with Mongo DB DDP and not with anyone else.
  • Has to be used for the whole app, and not just for front or backend.


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