15 Annoying things about WordPress you would wish to Fix

WordPress is one of the best platforms which allow building user-friendly, interactive and eye catchy websites effortlessly. The ample of themes and plug-ins provide an appealing look at the websites. However, it also consists of some annoying features which everybody would like to fix. Thanks to the developers that the code of wordpress is an open source and anyone can easily fix the things they find annoying!

Here’s a compilation of the top 15 annoying things we wish to fix in wordpress:


  1. Modifying the username

One of the hectic things about wordpress is you have to go through the tedious process of creating the username as once the username is created, you cannot change it. Changing the username is a detailed process which is simply annoying!

  1. Setting backup

It is very important to set the backup, but this is also one of the most annoying things you have to deal while using wordpress. There’s no built-in backup system and thus, users have to backup data. For saving your data from disasters, you have to face the backup setting disaster daily!

  1. Tackling spam

It is not easy to handle spam in wordpress. Spam comments can be highly frustrating. When you get hundreds of spam comments, there’s nothing you can try to handle those comments and it’s really irritating!

  1. Switching between the themes

You enter in the world of changing themes and get lost in the pool of widgets, themes, layouts and such settings. There are certain themes with complex layouts and designs which will annoy you!

  1. Editing a page

For editing a single page, you will have to go to different places. Either for changing the widgets layouts, menus and different elements in a page, you will have to visit a lot of other pages which can simply turn frustrating!

  1. Changing the Uncategorized category

By mistake or knowingly, if you publish any post without adding the category, the category will be published under the uncategorized category. To fix this, you will have to edit the category, delete it or create a new one.

  1. Setting auto-updates

A lot of people still face issues in setting the updates.  The auto updates, themes and plug-ins setting is one of the most annoying things.

  1. Deactivating the wordpress plug-in

When errors occur, users need to deactivate all the plug-ins, as the plug-ins can be the reason of error and that is quite irritating.

  1. Modifying the database

To change or modify the database is quite irritating and also a huge challenge. Users have to work hard for improving the loading time of page using plug-ins.

  1. Handling the 404 error

You will be habituated to witness the 404 error screen on your device while using wordpress. However, there are some ways to fix this.

  1. Not able to login to the Admin panel

This is one of the major issues one faces while using wordpress.  When you get locked out at the Admin panel, fixing it comes with a lot of headache!

  1. Changing password frequently

To ensure security, changing password is highly recommended.  Using the cpanel is quite annoying and tough.

  1. The visual editor mode

Switching between the visual and html mode is one of the hectic processes. If you are looking forward to change the code, click on the visual mode and your brain will be hanged on what to do next!

  1. Creating efficient image gallery

To create an image gallery which is well organized, you will have to go through a lot of stuff. Simple features like albums, lightboxes and tagging are unavailable which makes it tough to create a gallery.

  1. Adding format options to post editor

Though there are a number of formatting options available in the post editor, switching between the text and visual editor for formatting will cause disturbance.


These are the top 15 most annoying things about wordpress that give me headaches. Fixing these issues is quite time consuming and very complex for non techies so try to prevent these issues and escape the trouble


Why is Concetto Labs Best to Hire React Native Development Companies?

To make fantastic and scaling application, we find something which is next level of web development is React Native. It allows Javascript to run on Android and iOS platform same as a native platform. It has replaced the previous working methodology “write once, run anywhere” with “Learn once, write anywhere”.  The main reason behind the popularity of React Native is its extended abilities and unique set of features.


Let’s have a look at the advantages of Apps on React native

React native is only a view layer so we can use it with any framework.

  • It is very easy to test
  • With React Native, you can easily view the layout OR the components that are combined with each other.
  • React Native can be rendered on the server side.
  • JSX makes easy to read the code of your component
  • The functionality of React Native is expandable.

Why should you choose us for building your application?

In the present environment, it is all about attempting unique start-up idea to generate more business. React native is a perfect fit for this kind of situation. You can generate perfect execution of your idea through React native at an affordable cost, fast development and with an inimitable creation.

We are a React Native development companies in India that offer expert mobile application developers with an extraordinary understanding of User Experience. You can hire a sensible React Native developer depend upon your requirement to scale up your organization.

We have acquired the top position as a React Native Development companies by creating an amazing design with the utilization of React Native library. Association always look for those applications that can run on maximum devices, perfect customer experience and get quick growth in the market. To create such application one should require partners like us who can help them to create an awesome degree realistic Native application through React Native Development.

To bring the real power of mobile application, our react Native development team is capable to make highly scalable and flexible server-side API. This ensures that development will be extraordinary repetitious and incremental. Our react native developers are experts in front and ensure that your mobile application can win the whole deal. Until now, we have delivered our projects in constant and faster manner, thus we can assure you that you will get an abrupt output at an astounding sufficiency.

With React Native, you can divide pages into little segments which can be used in the various part of the same site. We make execution of advanced technology to make it easier for developers as well as to decrease the delivery time for the customer. React Native is the proper example for this. Nowadays, It is the most demanding innovation which offers the exceptional advantages.



Concetto Labs Best to Hire React Native Development Companies

We at Concetto Labs built great web and mobile applications using React Native and provide voluminous opportunities to grow your business. Get an Advantage from React Native developers of Concetto Labs for all the businesses from brands, SMEs, and imminent start-ups.

Things to Consider While Going for Wearable App Development

Most of us out there must be owning smartphones and wearable devices. It makes our life so easy, isn’t it? But, have you ever wondered your life without them in this century? You can survive without them just for a few days. These smart devices prove to be so helpful – connecting people, getting food, music, creativity and a lot more. But have you ever wondered how are wearable devices stand apart in the vast world of smart gadgets?

They are among the perfect devices for those who are inclined towards fitness. They calculate how much you walk, your calorie intake, your heartbeat rate, the calories you burn, your sugar levels and a lot more. Wow! Have you ever wondered how are these things possible? We are grateful to the coders and designers who managed to initiate an innovative thing called wearable app development.

Of course, these developers are employed in wearable app development companies across the globe. These companies ensure that they develop the apps that match the needs of the device. The bearing capacity of wearable devices is low and hence they cannot support heavy applications. In case, the developers develop heavy apps for better user experience, the devices would be damaged.

Although, the technologies differ from device to device. Different testing processes and plans would surely prove to be of a great help for avoiding the device damage. Here is what you need to be considerate about…

Giving a kickstart

Be it any techie, he would surely ensure to not rush into things as it might create an issue while compiling the code. And the real mess is to find that one error. Hence, you should ensure that the app you are working on should have a plan that stabilizes the internal processes. Discuss with your team and eliminate all the existing loopholes.

Simplicity is the best policy

Keeping the user interface simply is the most important thing. Thinking from a customers’ point of view is important. Would you like to use your device if it is not user friendly? In the generation of having the things at fingertips, it is important to have a good user interface.  For example, for listening to your favorite music tracks while jogging, you need to have a simple user interface of the wearable device. This is because you would either want to change the song or toggle your volume. Thus, during wearable device app development simplicity needs to be the very first point.

Look and feel matters

When you go to buy a new phone or a device, the first thing that attracts you is the physical design, the colors, flashlights and the desired functions. You must see that everything is in the right place to grab the attention of many. Although, it is not as easy as said. All you got to do is put in efforts.

Everything needs to be creative

If you want to sell yourself in the market, wearable app development needs to creative and unique. Thinking outside the box and providing more features would definitely get you into the limelight. Wouldn’t it be great to compete with others? Being up for challenges can help you grow every day. It might be risky, but it is necessary to take risks while starting up you own business.


Being specific is important

Wearable technology development requires pairing with the mobile device. So, it is important to be very specific with the architectures you chose. This is because you need to automatically synchronize the wearables with the phones.

Testing is Crucial

Be it any wearable service android or any app development, it is crucial to get through all the testing processes. You cannot just launch an application without knowing it works perfectly fine on the devices. The apps need to stop responding quite frequently. This testing includes UI testing, Database testing, device testing, Blackbox testing, white box testing and a lot more.

Main differences between React JS and React Native

In 2011, Jordan walke and his team have developed React.Js, a JavaScript library for us with some notable changes. It brought together the speed of JavaScript and new way of rendering pages, leading to a responsive and dynamic user input. After two years of release, the team has announced open sourced React.Js which helps them to increase the popularity and then after they have released react native.

React native is much similar to React.JS but there are some differences that you need to know before creating your application. Here, I am going to give you an overview of both React JS and React Nativewhich will help you to get a fair idea of their individual strengths and how they are different from each other.


React.Js is basically responsible for creating a hierarchy of UI components. It can be referred as React OR ReactJS. It provides support for not only Front-end but also for server-side. In MVC architecture, React.JS is just a V part because as previously said Rect.JS is meant for rendering views only.

Advantages of working with React.JS

  • During the development, developer can reuse the code that saves a lot of time of development.
  • It improves the speed of debugging.
  • Rendering of pages from the server to browser can improve the SEO of web application.
  • You can get all the benefits of each expansion in Java language. It is fully supported in React.JS
  • Even who are not familiar with React, they can easily learn it because React is simply readable JavaScript library. Many frameworks require learning the detailed concept of a framework which is very time-consuming while React is fully opposite.

React Native

React native is a framework which is responsible to create a native application using JavaScript. It complies with native application development. Therefore, it is possible for you to create a native application with React Native. In React Js, React is a base abstraction of React Dom and on the other side in React native, React is also a base abstraction but of React native only. Let’s have a look at business advantages of React Native so we can easily compare React and React native.

Advantages of React Native:

  • React native comes with all the benefits that you get in React.JS. Thus, you will get benefits for better UI as well.
  • React native allows you to reuse the same logic on different platform so you don’t need to write separate code for iOS and Android when they share same logic.
  • By knowing about JavaScript, platform API’s and some native UI element, many front-end developers can be a mobile application developer.
  • React native comes with native module and native components that helps to improve the performance.
  • Whenever you want to implement React native in your current application, you don’t need to change the whole code. You can simply add React native UI components into existing application.



Concetto Labs helps in React JS and React Native

In short, React is a framework for creating a web application using JavaScript while react native provides a full platform to build React JS and React Native is a JavaScript library which can be used for building high performing UI layer. Therefore, React.JS is perfect during the creation of effective UI of your web interface and React Native is idle when you want to create native mobile application.

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React JS, Node JS and Angular JS: Which one is the best for web development?

To choose a right JavaScript framework for creating an amazing web application is the crucial decision for every business owner. Therefore, to choose one among these three – “React JS, Node JS and Angular JS” becomes the complicated decision because ultimately it will help your businesses to get the effective online presence of the particular brand.

In this article, we are going to compare all of these three most demanding JavaScript frameworks and we will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of each framework which can help you to choose best among them.

Angular JS:

During 2009, Google has launched open source framework called as Angular JS. It was developed with the aim of resolving an issue in single page application. Due to features like flexibility, Easy Testing and amazing user Interface Angular JS is popular.


  • Data synchronization can be possible easily between model, view, and controller.
  • It can easily create document object model without adding inner HTML code.
  • It gives vigorous template binding solution.
  • It has outstanding binary libraries.
  • It can be tested easily.
  • Coding becomes easy with simple routing and amazing UI design.


  • Sometimes it becomes hard to debug the scopes.
  • Third party integration becomes difficult.
  • With pages embedding interactive elements, it becomes slow.
  • Angular is big and little bit complex framework.

React JS:

It is considered as an open source JavaScript library rather than a framework. It is created with the aim of resolving the issues with the JavaScript frameworks related to efficient extemporization of large databases.  It has amazing features like SEO effectiveness, great efficiency and much more.


  • It has easy learning API which makes it easy to understand
  • Coding becomes easy because React JS allows reusing the coding.
  • It is high-performance open source library compares to other frameworks.
  • It is fully component-based architecture and you can easily import components in React JS.
  • With server-side rendering, you can create isomorphic/universal web applications.


  • JavaScript Extensions are sometimes not acceptable to web developers.
  • It has complicated view layer.
  • As we have discussed earlier, it is not a framework but just a library.

Node JS:

Node JS is not only the framework but it can be considered as a server. During the creation of complex application Node Js is preferable to use. Due to these top three reasons, you should select Node JS- Server-side proxy, node package manager, and data streaming.


  • You can use the same coding for both client and server-side coding.
  • Stream files can be stream easily and Node JS is easy to learn.
  • Due to asynchronous event-driven input-output, it can handle concurrent request.


  • You should have deep knowledge of JavaScript if you want to work with Node JS.
  • To take an advantage of multiple tasks, one CPU is not enough.
  • It is not intended for CPU task but only for web servers.

Here, we have discussed regarding main features and pros and cons of a particular framework. Now, let’s have a look at our opinion which can help you to take a decision to choose one among all three.

React JS-Node JS-Angular JS


Angular JS is fully featured framework compared to React JS but React JS is far better than Angular JS when it comes to performance because of implementation of virtual DOM. On the other side Node Js is used to create fast and scalable network applications.

Hope this article will help you to choose the best JavaScript framework and if you are thinking to outsource your project on particular framework then Concetto Labs is the best web and application development company to work with.

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Android VS iOS: whom to choose first?

As the demand for mobile application is increasing day by day, to increase the value of your brand and to engage with the customer you must have the great application idea. A mobile application can help you in your product marketing. Now, we can understand that to create a mobile application is very crucial decision for any kind of business and to select the perfect platform for creating an application is another vital section. Generally, during mobile application creation, Development Company starts the process with any one platform, test it and then implement it on another platform. Here, the question arises of Android VS iOS? It became difficult to choose the best in between these two.

Let’s have a look at some important factors which will certainly help you to choose one out of these two operating systems Android VS iOS.

  1. Location: If you are focusing on any particular region to target then selection of Android and iOS became easy because we all know that iOS focus on the premium customers who have a great income and Android focus on the masses which is more affordable in comparison with iOS. So, if you are targeting for the region like Asia, South America, South Africa then you should go for the Android platform rather than iOS.
  2. Revenue:  It has been noticed that application download rates are higher on iOS than Android. Although, we are aware that iOS applications are paid and then also it is getting more customer in compare with Android. Therefore, if your primary focus is to generate revenues and not for reaching masses then iOS application is more preferable than Android.
  3. Cost: Cost plays a vital role while creating an application. Generally, cost can be decided through the features of application. However, after comparing iOS and Android application cost at some level, iOS application is more costly than Android application. It is true that the coding for an iOS application is easy and compact than Android because Android support Java language to write a code which is little more tedious in compare with swift and Objective C. Even though, it is quite surprising that iOS apps are more costly.
  4. Features: If you are planning to create your retail application OR E-commerce application then according to the facts and figures you should go for Apple. Research shows that more than 23% apple users prefer to purchase through their mobile phone and this rate for an Android user is just 17%.

All of these points can help you to make a decision in between Android vs iOS but before comparing and selecting any platform you should understand about all the features and discuss it with your developer who knows more about these aspects. If your study shares that your target audience is more focused on Android and you are looking for some features that cannot be supported by iOS then go for Android first and if you are focusing on the factors like country, cost and time then go for iOS first where your target audience from high earning society. In short, before selecting any one platform at initial stage look at all the features and take the decision.



Concetto Lab is one of the best Android and iOS application development companies in India which can provide you a proper guidance to build your application for a particular platform through their mobile application professionals.

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Grocery App Development: How it benefits the buyers and retailers

Every business is nowadays turning online due to the attractive profits and expanded customer base!  People keep finding easy and flexible ways to shop for home items where the grocery business turning online is such a great benefit! You no more have to rush to the grocery store and carry the bulky bags at your home! While online businesses have turned into such a profitable idea, the application or grocery app development is another feature which makes online businesses even more flexible!

Every business can survive if it benefits the customers and the retailers and thus, it is important to know how the grocery shopping app can serve beneficial for both the parties! It is interesting to know how Grocery app development idea can manage to survive!

Here are the benefits of Grocery App Development for buyers and retailers!

Benefits for customers/ users:

For users or customers, this is a complete win-win situation. The groceries are delivered to the doorstep which is so flexible.  There are some important benefits listed below:

  1. Time savvy

The best benefit of using the grocery app is it will simply save a lot of time. Just start the app, choose your favorite grocery shop, choose the products and make the payments! No driving to the shop and no more handling the huge bags of groceries! Within minutes, your order will be placed and soon the grocery will arrive! The best grocery management app will help you save a lot of time!

  1. Customised shopping

The customised shopping includes the selection of shops and products of your choice. In the grocery shop app, there are multiple shops listed from which, you can choose your trusted shop, browse all the options and order after getting the satisfactory results! Search for Best grocery app India and you will get flooded with results.

  1. Multiple payment options

You get multiple and easy payment options. You can pay cash, through your band cards and from different payment gateways! Sometimes, there are amazing offers and deals which will help you get the best shopping discounts!

  1. Cost effective

When you browse multiple shops and compare the product prices, you make great savings! Also, the apps and shops provide discounts on frequent shopping! What can be more amazing than this flexibility!

Benefits for retailers:

  • The retailer can have a direct contact with the app owner and get his products/shop listed online! The best benefit for the retailers is that they won’t need a store to sell the products! No need to maintain a shop which can cost bucks and bucks! Just maintain a warehouse and get listed on the best grocery app!
  • For the best results, get the products listed on the Grocery shopping app android and Grocery shopping app iPhone. Listing the products on these two types of platforms will give the retailers
  • The retailers can save time, can get the best rates/profits from the buyers and if the retailers have their dedicated shops, they can build a strong brand reputation!

OIUF610 (1)


In some recent surveys, around 70% people inquired for online grocery stores while 80% people searched for the related apps which show that the scope of grocery app is quite high!

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Top Trending Mobile App Design Practices of the 2017

Mobile applications are proven revolutionary which can benefit the businesses as well the customers in different ways. All the online businesses are now heading towards mobile application development. However, the most important thing while getting your business app is the selection of the best designers who can give you the best Mobile app design.

The most important thing about Mobile app development is the user friendliness and ease of operation. The apps must be designed in a way which can allow all types of users to browse and understand the business easily! From layman to experts, everyone should get impressed by the design and user friendliness of the application!

Here are the top mobile app design practices which are followed this year and are highly appreciated!

1. Easy updation facility

The best application design is the one in which, you can make updations easily! Choose the design in which you can add more functionality, erase the tools and content in a way which won’t disturb the entire application design. Choose the Mobile app design company which promises to serve you with the flexible and easy updation features!

2. Decide and design as per the platform

There are two platforms on which, you can launch your mobile application, iPhone, and Android. Choose the platform and design your website keeping in mind the platforms! The applications on both these platforms are different and thus, the compatibility changes. Thus, develop the application in such a way where the app is shown in the same format in which it is built and is compatible with different devices!

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3. Animation and Gif’s

Animation industry has gained a lot of popularity. When the animation is applied to an application, the user easily understands the concepts and messages prepared for the customers. With the best animation, the layout and functionalities of the app can be highly improved. Thus, do not forget animation functionality to relate with the users and build the best App UI friendly design! The animations and GIF’s are the latest trends!

4. Add on scrolling with attractive tools

Everyone loves those apps which can let the customers browse more flexible and in more innovative ways! The Best mobile app design is the one in which, the customer can click, surf, scroll and browse the functionalities in a smooth way! This improved the engagement of the user towards the app will get benefits for the owners of the application business. With such smooth functionalities, the users are expected to get involved in shopping and preferring the same app again and again!

5. Colours used in the design

The colors and shades used in the application development are quite important. Imagine what you would think about an application which is poorly designed with immature color combinations? Choose the sober and elegant shades which can let the users read and understand the content. Don’t use so bright colors which can cause distraction and irritation in the users! Especially, the Company mobile application design must be elegant and super sophisticated with the best colors!

imageedit_3_7160846546 (1)

These are the most important design considerations which you must keep in mind while getting your app developed!

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5 Tips for iPhone/iPad App Development

All of us would agree, owning an iPhone or an iPad is a lot more than just owning gadgets. It is a rage among the people today, especially the young professionals. Being the pioneers in the smartphone industry, Apple is undoubtedly the best in the market.

Pre-requisite to App Development:

Development of an app is the most vital thing for any operating system. A developer needs to have a wide range of understanding of concepts & practical application, and many other aspects are to be considered when it is about developing a new app for any operating system. There are many times when we cannot promise success when it comes to the development of an application for iPhone. Now with the new UI and UX, iOS has a great variety of things which can deliver a very appealing and commanding experience for the users.

Tips for Developing App for iOS:

There are hundreds of people who provide iOS app development services. You will get a number of iOS app development services offering companies, anywhere in the world, which you can easily find out through the internet.

While developing an app for iOS, a developer must have the following in mind:

1. Rendezvous with the User

How many times has it happened that you download an app for about an hour or so and then just delete it in 5 minutes – just because you don’t feel connected with it?Any technology will fail unless the user feels connected or related to the application.

2. Performance Matters!

Has it ever happened that you download an app, and as soon as you start using it the whole system just hangs up! How irritating, isn’t it? If you are a developer, you must keep in mind that on an average an app should not take more than 3 or 4 seconds to load.

3. Device Compatibility

If you are an app developer, then you must keep in mind that your app needs to be attuned with all iOS devices. Even the latest of the devices must be compatible with the app you are developing.

4.What is the Purpose?

It is a very simple fact that the app should be capable of delivering what it is supposed to! The end-user must be completely satisfied with the app. You must have observed that in the updates list, apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Apps and even other popular apps always get an update alert every other week. The idea behind this is that the customer always needs something new or better version of the same app.

5.User Interface

There is no denial that the first impression is the last impression, and this is applicable in case of apps also. You must design an app with so much involvement that you must first design the user interface first and then implement on the app.The UI needs to be good even for smaller screens.

App Development

Last but not the least, you must first fix earlier bugs and errors in any app and then only concentrate on developing a new application. Concetto Labs help us in resolve bugs & errors in already build a mobile application & make error Free app. Contact us now for iPhone/iPad App Development.

App Store Optimization (ASO) – Myths and Facts.

It is a fact that people are using more and more duration of time on hand-held devices. The app stores are thriving with tons of new apps daily spread into various sorts. Such facts create an opportunity. To seize it in the best conceivable aspect, App Store Optimization (ASO) services are a must. It minimizes the impact of the cut-throat competition in the mobile app domain.

It’s not wrong to say that the app industry is at a high time now. Pricing and development costs are at a constant growing pace. People should use ASO to their advantage at this time.

But it is said that anything popular engulfs it-self with myths and beliefs and ASO is not exempted. Such myths keep business owners away from employing strong improvising methods. Whereas applying these would increase their reach and also the number of downloads.

Here are five Myths about ASO BUSTED.

1.Leverage search results by changing title more often.

Fact: Always stick to one.

Well, the title is important, period. It’s not at all helping by changing it on a daily, weekly or monthly timeframe. Changing keywords often does more harm than good.

Title should be:

1. Not excess of 25 characters.
2. Distinct and Innovative.
3. Articulate and Unique.
4. The title should have a Keyword.

2.Keywords are of no value.

Fact: Actually they are of value. But stuffing doesn’t help.

It’s a flak belief that keywords are only useful for SEO and App Store Optimization is only for superiority in rankings. Yes, we understand that ASO is different from SEO.

Keywords matter at most for your title and description. App titles have more luck at higher ranking with the use of keywords than those without it. App stores use conventional methods for ranking together with keywords.

3.Rating is all that works.

Fact: It’s important, but it’s not all-inclusive.

Rating is vital as it has a direct impact on the user’s chances to tap-tap and downloads the app. To clarify, various most popular apps in different categories are not rated great. A Number of recreational and innovative apps have one or two stars with a Top Listing.

Rating affects user mindset but is only a factor for determining rankings.

4.Who reads the Description? It’s not important.

Fact: Description is ultra-important.

On a tech note, Google Play algorithm considers your description for mapping rankings. Smart descriptions create an urge to users to download the app. Importance-wise Title comes first and then comes description. Suggestion – Add trendy and expressive keywords.

5.If it’s in the app store, it will come to light by itself.

Fact: Number of downloads gives your app visibility.

Millions of apps in the world are struggling to enhance their visibility. It’s not at all assured that people will find your app for such a huge stack of apps. Your app should be unique and cognitive enough to gain higher rankings. You need to have a lot of organic downloads to establish your app. More downloads mean more visibility and higher rankings.


Google Play announced that it will now consider user engagement also with downloads.

Concetto Labs is a Web and Mobile app development company with mature experience in app development, providing excellent SEO and App Store Optimization services for Hire. Contact Us Today!

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