Why Laravel Is Best Amongst Other Php Frameworks?

Web designing and development companies which are growing rapidly will be benefited a lot when they start using Laravel PHP framework as it will slice their budget and save their time to a great extent. Hundreds of web designers are installing PHP framework since it comes with exotic features and reusable code. One of the widely used PHP frameworks in the year 2017 is Laravel PHP framework since it comes with the unique script, pre-build flexibility, incredible structure code and other such ultra-modern features. Some of the benefits that come along with Laravel are flexible routing system, easy unit testing, structured database query builder, various caching systems, and convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering the application and so on.

Best Options In Laravel Development:

It is imperative to note that this firm is the best laravel development company India which charges the reasonable amount of service fees from the customers. Companies which are using PHP framework are growing leaps and bounds over the years. There are few reasons why laravel is the best and they are simple authentication techniques, pre-installed object-oriented libraries, built-in tool namely artisan which allows the programmer to perform tedious programming tasks and MVC support.

World Class Framework Which Comes With Maximum Flexibility:

This company which is in the forefront in laravel development has a team of hire dedicated laravel developers those who will install the framework immediately and test-run before implementing. Business executives will have reason to smile when they install a laravel PHP framework with the help of the developers working here. It is worth to note that this company which is in the forefront of PHP implementation is one of the most trusted and reliable laravel development services company in India. Customers can save their money and time when they hire laravel developer India. Business owners those who are planning to launch their own websites for transacting business through them can create mind-blowing websites when they hire laravel development company India since this company has successfully implemented PHP framework for hundreds of companies.

Hire Laravel E-commerce Developer from this reputed company which manages to install the software immediately and improves the speed of the websites. People those who hire laravel expert from this company will be delighted with their services and commitment levels and refer these executives to other companies.

Enhancement Of Php Framework:

Website designers and developers can speed-up the development process and stay away from repetitive codes when they start using PHP framework. E-commerce developer working here will design the fantastic website with the help of laravel framework and also install fantastic tools that will improve the website traffic multifold. Hirers will understand the unique strength of PHP tool and also about the capabilities of the developers working here only when they utilize the services of this company which is creating positive vibes throughout the world. Amateurs or beginners those who are using PHP framework for the first time will be benefited a lot when they use laravel PHP since it is a secured framework which reduces or eliminate bad coding. It is worth to note the laravel PHP framework is a comprehensive tool which reduces the developer’s’ burden to a great extent.

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Today we are not just talking about technology but living it. Our entire work system be it personal or professional is secured in just one device “our Smartphone”. And in this palm-size world, is one character called App, who is the IT lingo today. The better it is, the better is the results in terms of revenue and reach for any company. But these best apps call for some of the inimitable app developers who can tailor fit this IT character with the finest armor to combat the competitive scenario victoriously. Therefore here are the essential guidelines which can assist an individual entrepreneur or company to shortlist and hire the preeminent Android app developer for its app:

Android App Developer
Before initiating your research for the Android app developer, the motive behind app development should be well defined. This markedly depends on the industry you belong to and the products and services you deal in.

Expand your search field. Don’t just rely on the neighborhood app development company. There are offshore options, freelancers, and other app developers too. But one thing which does matter the most is the app developer’s track record or experience as you call it. Check for referrals and also study their past work. As we all know work speaks louder than words.

Don’t compromise on quality because of cost. Set up a reasonable budget which you can afford to get the best in the market. This will also help in making the price comparison amongst the few shortlisted options. Have a transparent picture of the entire pricing from software to licensing.

Have a well-defined deadline from your end and get the same confirmed by the app developer. Time once is gone, can never be brought back. Moreover, a crossing of timeline will lead to the crossing of the budget. Inspect from the developer’s previous clients their record in terms of maintaining the timeline for app development and also for completing the rectifications if any (required after the launch).

Be it a freelancer, a neighborhood company or an offshore developer, communication between the needy and the server has to be mobile and transparent. In the course of app development, there might be several issues which need to be discussed or shared upright. Seamless communication is also essential to remain updated with the trends, suggestions and most significantly trust on the developer.

Specification and specialization are the two S behind success in technology. A web developer need not be an efficient app developer. The entire process and the use of technological software are much different in both the cases. So an app developer seeker should be thorough with the kind of technology the developer uses and if it is at par with the need.

Whether you have to hire Android developer or e-commerce app developer, the main aim is to churn revenue. An experienced app developer can very well guide on the ways to maximize the revenue and reach through app thus leading to app monetization. So select carefully.

Affiliations of app developers speak a lot about their credentials. Therefore you can rely on these affiliations of Android app developers for the quality and coding standards of the app.

Since technology keeps on changing with time, app development and maintenance is an ongoing process, which is to be adhered to by the Android app developer. Therefore ensure finalizing a developer who has goodwill and distinguishable work in the market apart from long-term relationship commitment.

Concetto Labs can help create Android App Development.

Concetto Labs is a web and Mobile application development Company in India as well Android Application Development Company that has developed a large number of Apps. Their development expands several apps like educational, Shopping and Travel more. Concetto Labs is the best place to Hire Android App Developer.

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Best practices to enhance your mobile app user experience

Want to enhance the user experience of Mobile App? Read below to know the basic strategies.

In this contemporary age, there is nothing better and more prosperous than a mobile App which does everything that a person needs to do. Manual labor is almost dysfunctional due to an enhancement of mobile application.
The invention of a mobile application is somewhat of a big thing that has changed the entire lifestyle of human beings. Now it is easy and simple to lead a life supported by some great technologies.
Enhancement is the basic need when it comes to dealing with technology. In order to enhance the user experience of mobile App, there are certain ways which need to be followed.

Mobile App

  • A complete error free functionality – It has been a very common trait for the app developers that they don’t spend enough time and money on error free functionally of an app. An error is the most common issue that people face while handling an App. Developers should try to build an error-free App for a better use of the customers.
  • Reducing the effort of searching – It is always best to make the user get what they are searching for. Developers should use some of the finest searching strategies while making an App. The search engine should always work in a better way.
  • Security – Every App is very much prone to threats. This is one crucial problem that people face very often. For example, few apps ask for credit card information. Such things distort the trust of the user over the app and the company which has developed it. Security threat in App makes it a completely worthless product. Developers should be careful while designing an App.
  • Personalization of the UX – Personalization is a very important factor which should be done in a better way. In App, development personalization helps to provide a more unique and better experience for the user. In short, it gives a better way to run an App.

Well, there are more on the list but the above points are the most vital element that needs to be taken care off while designing an App.

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What Are The New Features of Angular 6, The JavaScript Framework – Know Them Here!

The newly launched & highest in the talk are the features of Angular 6, the just in a version of the javascript framework. While the measure of new highlights is insignificant or less, a ton has changed in the engine as far as tools are considered. The new tooling options are particularly extraordinary for adding new libraries and encouraging redesigning for your application.

So, things from being complicated to understandable have now become easy! The key version packages along with CDK & CLI check out sync.

Let us understand the new features of angular 6 one by one.

The most favorite – Angular Elements!

Angular 6

This is the only version which will completely support angular elements. Well, you can also say that this was the most awaited feature of the release. This is fundamentally intended to take leeway of web segments that are being upheld by all cutting-edge browsers. This will enable you to make an Angular part and distribute it as a Web Component, which can be utilized as a part of any HTML page.

Changing a segment to a custom component gives a simple way to making dynamic HTML in the Angular application. Having said that, creating and publishing a web component in Angular and using it on any HTML page is beyond expectation.

No more unnecessary compiling – The Bazel Compiler!

Oh Yes! We will begin having the Bazel compiler bolster. So, while compiling the code with Bazel Compiler, you will recompile whole code base, yet it incorporates just with vital code. This is a basic change with enormous effects, i.e. it enables you to dispatch AOT precompiled code to npm. Which implies that angular developers don’t need to stress over compiling a specific library in AOT. Why? As it is already done!

This additionally implies metadata.json is never again required, which makes it simpler for tools to check your codebase and many tools end up perfect with npm packages. So things are sorted providing quick compilation with less overhead. COOL, ISN’T IT?

The new in rendering engine – IVY!

A modify of the renderer, Ivy has additionally been getting a considerable measure of attention. The renderer ought to be fundamentally littler, which will take into account optimizing the size of the final app.

This is the third render engine for Angular. The second was the View Engine. After they supplanted it the first time, they saw increments in speed and declines in application measure, and no incompatibilities too. They are wanting to see an indistinguishable sort of results this time too.

NO to the unwanted – Service Worker!

Just as the service worker script can do wonder, it is difficult to remove them too. It runs in the browser & manages the caching too.

Once in a while when we are compiling the most recent variant of the angular application we may need to deactivate or remove the service worker, but there was no straight method to deactivate it. The game changer “safety-worker.js” file! It is the part of the bundle & now will allow you to easily deactivate it. YAYYY!

New supporting features – ng add & ng update!

Well well, take a bow developer!

There is less coding, more features in the application & in lesser time. With the new ng add feature support, you simply need to select the capabilities & it will automatically add the code for the same in the backend. This is WOW!

Worried about adding the new packages? No more worries!

The new ng update command will update the packages in your package.json file automatically. Not only this, with the new API’s it will also check out the bugs & update the code automatically saving a lot of your time.

We hope you found this piece of information useful. For any queries feel free to comment. We will be back with an in detail explanation on each new features soon!

Enhanced Technologies : Have you known about Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Yet?

AR and VR are about to bring a drastic change in the lifestyle of humans. For the matter of fact have already brought in the change. Once an innovation without bounds, the truth is presently being utilized as a part of everything from PC gaming to antiquarianism and therapeutic research.

What is Augmented Reality?


Developed by the US Air Force in 1992, Augmented Reality (AR) is a next level interaction with the real world entities, where the computer generated perceptual information is enlarged over various tangible modalities, sound-related, including visual, olfactory, somatosensory, and haptic.

What does AR do?

The essential estimation of AR is that it brings segments of the computerized world into a man’s view of this present reality, and does as such not as a basic show of information, but rather through the incorporation of immersive vibes that are seen as common parts of a domain.

What is Virtual Reality?

The Sensorama (the early form of virtual reality) was introduced in 1957 but was put into action in 1962. Virtual Reality (VR) is a situation that is created with programming skills and exhibited to the user in such a way that the user experiences it as a genuine and real world surrounding. It can be sensed with sound & sight.

What does VR do?

We believe what we see. Thus VR with the help of stereoscopic display creates a 3D world which allows the users to experience the actual look & feel of that particular display. The different angles, depth parallax & shading techniques used in VR create a lifelike experience.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: The Similarities

  • AR and VR both use a portion of similar kinds of innovation, and they are used to serve the client with an upgraded or improved understanding.
  • The two advancements empower encounters that are ending up more regularly than expected for businesses, entertainment purpose & training. The market leaders are continuously growing new adjustments, enhancements, and launching an ever-increasing number of items that are helping these innovations.
  • There is no AR vs VR for the medical sector. Both the technologies have awesome potential in changing the scene of the restorative (medical) field by making things, for example, remote medical procedures a genuine possibility.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

  • Purpose: AR is used to enhance to add digital info or data to something. Whereas VR is used to create a simulated environment.
  • Usage: AR is used in apps & games for more entertainment purpose. E.g. PubG. Whereas VR is used to view that is actually not in front of you. An unreal world.
  • Technology: AR works by consolidating present reality with the virtual world. Designers make pictures or sounds in applications so it blends with this present reality content. Whereas, VR makes its own existence that is PC produced and driven.
  • Devices: AR is generally experienced in smartphones, laptops, projectors. To experience VR you need a head mounted glass & a mouse like a hand controller.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: The Future

To effectively vanquish the difficulties required with working out augmented reality and virtual reality innovations while staying aware of market desires, organizations might need to consider banding together with experienced sellers who can furnish complete result improving the designing capacities.

Well, AR and VR have the capacity to hit the market giving competition to each of the technology, as about 90% of the companies in market anticipate that the industry will help meet AR/VR requirements — from creating plans to full assembling capacities. #ARnVRTheNextGenerationTechnology.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: The Conclusion

AR and VR are not new ideas. They have portrayed in motion pictures, in the late 90’s. Both of the advancements are gaining a ton of media consideration and are delivering gigantic development. It’s imperative to comprehend their likenesses and contrasts, with a specific end goal to apply them to the organizations and end users.

AR and VR can completely change existing markets and plans of action. In any case, there are a few limitations of receiving Augmented & Virtual reality: The content development, UX, and applications. The cost of development is the iceberg to be breached. They must be managed keeping in mind the end goal to bring the innovation to a more extensive group of onlookers.

Have doubts about AR and VR, ask us your questions in the comments. Also, let us know your views on AR & VR.

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Comparison and Co-relation: Squarespace vs WordPress

Do you know the options or platforms where you can build a website for yourself? WordPress is the most common as well as a well-known platform which is used to build websites. But have you heard about Squarespace yet? Well if not, read this blog to know the comparison & correlation between Squarespaceand WordPress!

What is Squarespace?

Originated in the US, it is private SaaS (Software as a Service) based hosting platform for websites. We can develop sites utilizing prefabricated site layouts and simple drag & drop options for basic site components, for example, content or pictures. Developers can likewise make custom site formats that are sold to clients.

It mainly has two versions:

  1. Standard version
  2. Developer’s version

The standard version of Squarespace is for the ones with non-developing skills or for the fresher’s, whereas the developer’s version will allow the Squarespace developer or any WordPress developer to manipulate & make changes in the code according to the needs.

Now that we know what Squarespace is, let us check out why should we move from WordPress to Squarespace.

Squarespace vs wordpress: Trending in 2018

So why is it trending? Because the main motive of Squarespace is anyone regardless of IT or non IT background can build their websites on their own.

Benefits of Squarespace over WordPress:

  1. The setup of Squarespace is quicker then WordPress as it is a one-stop solution. So “Quicker Setup.”
  2. Just because everything is developed under one roof, things are not complicated. You have a clear vision of every stage of the development. So “Easier Learning.”
  3. We all mostly want our websites to be responsive & including payment gateways. It has an hassle-free integration of the same. So “Seamless e-commerce.”
  4. It provides 24*7 boundless support to its clients. So “Customer Service anytime/anywhere.”

Now that you know the benefits of Squarespace, let us compare it with Wix! (Wix is another platform like Squarespace and WordPress where you can build websites, manage contents, images etc.)

Squarespace vs WordPress: The SEO Aspect!

“Old is Gold” it is always said. This implies here too. Let me tell you WHY?

Although Squarespace has brought is many changes in SEO, it still lacks when it comes to WordPress. Thus leading from Squarespace to WordPress.

So here is Squarespace vs WordPress SEO:

  1. Squarespace provides you shared hosting which may lower down the speed & ease with which your website must work. Thus affecting the rank in SEO.
  2. WordPress allows many features & plugins including the Yoast SEO which provides on page SEO feature. Not possible with Squarespace.
  3. Squarespace does not support rich snippets. Rich snippets help you to optimize your data on the website.

So, it might be difficult to rank your Squarespace website keeping in mind the above aspects, your Squarespace SEO can be a blunder. However more optimized results can be obtained when you opt for WordPress.

For more information on Squarespace vs WordPress analytics visit: wpbeginner

Squarespace vs WordPress vs Wix

Although they are positively more fruitful than a large portion of the other accessible frameworks right now, while Squarespace and Wix are for the most part genuinely all around coordinated, WordPress commands the business right now.

Following are the reasons WHY?

WordPress may take somewhat longer to get to holds with than Wix, however, in the event that you’re about to build a decent website, it is certainly justified regardless of the exertion.

  1. Squarespace can give you an expert looking interface, the usefulness is more constrained and there is no free choice by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. Moreover, WordPress has an expansive client base. This is simple to discover convenient modules, plugins etc. and WordPress outline organizations to give you a chance to take your website to next level.

However, whatever content administration framework you pick, there are a lot of online aides and plan offices accessible to encourage you on the off chance that you need to make a genuinely exceptional website.

From Squarespace to WordPress: Bottom-line!

WordPress is far prevalent than Squarespace as a web distributing stage for any sort of website. Squarespace can be a sensible decision for small milestones that need constrained usefulness. Squarespace is a better inconvenience when making blog posts. Apart from this, WordPress beats Squarespace in every utilization situation.

We hope that this article will help you to make a proper decision for your website. Please leave us your comments about any query related to Squarespace and WordPress & we will revert back on the same!

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Healthcare app development: Another revolution in mobile app development!

People nowadays are so-called “Health conscious” & “Fitness freaks”. Nobody today’s wants to take risks with health. And with mobile technology, the healthcare apps are surely booming!

Just as the mobile network companies are busy improving their markets, it has given a hike to the best mobile application development companies in India as people have become aware of it. Just as nobody wishes to have a poor network on their smartphones, slowly & gradually nobody has a smartphone without a good healthcare app.

So, if you are into healthcare sector & planning to build take a stand in this competitive world of healthcare apps, here are some features to break the iceberg:

1. Understandable User-interface

Not that all the patients who visit your hospital are well education & feel comfortable with mobile applications. Thus it is important that while you design the UI/UX of your healthcare app it should not be complicated.

The registration to log out process should not be cumbersome.

On the same note, you should take care of the security of the data in your app, never ever compromise on that.

Work on this feature in such a way that even a child, a teenager, a gentleman or a senior citizen can easily operate on their own.

2. Doctor-patient : One-to-one communication

Would you like if the doctor you visited did not have time to respond to all your queries? Nobody does! So what if your healthcare app provides this feature of having a one-to-one communication with our doctor without even moving an inch? That would be simply great!

Introduce this feature where the patient has either drop a message on the app or even schedule a video call with the doctor in case of emergency.

This will help build a healthy relationship between the doctor & patient.

3. Document storage

Why carry all those files & reports when you can keep them all handy?

So, this is the unique feature which will help increase the user engagement. Let the user scan all its document in the app itself so he can freely move to the hospital on the appointment. Also while it is handy, it becomes safe as you don’t tend to miss out any of the reports.

While the tests are being done at the hospital, they can directly get uploaded to the patient’s profile. Amazing right!

Now, wondering why do you at all need a healthcare app?

Well, every cutting edge hospital and restorative organizations require their best fitness app. What’s more, in case you haven’t joined the wagon wheel, here are a few reasons why!

  1. For a well-organized hospital management – Each & every record of the staff & doctors can be maintained along with their check-in & check-out history. It’s just not maintained, but can be viewed as & when required.
  2. For proper maintenance of patient history – As we know a lot of it is paperwork till date, there are chances of it getting misplaced. But when it’s on an app, the chances drop done to almost zero. From last check-up history to medicines everything is on fingertips.
  3. Things are always handy – Neither the doctor nor the patient needs to worry about the files, reports & medicines. Everything is handy.
  4. Staff, doctors & patients can anytime be notified – In case of emergency or in case of a minor change in the appointment or medicine, it can be done with one single notification. Or just for booking an appointment, it’s just with clicks.
  5. For easy & smooth payment process – No standing in queues for paying your bills. No calling & bugging for pending bills. Just scan & pay your bill or sitting at your home through online banking.

There are a lot more benefits of healthcare app development, maybe a lot can be experienced once you start using it.

End line,

Healthcare App Development

Next generation healthcare applications won’t kick parental figures off their positions. Nor will they guarantee human wellbeing and prosperity through innovative mixtures as it were. But then, the oddity and enhancements conveyed by mobile innovation to social insurance are substantial, as an extensive piece of healthcare digitization is depending and will specifically continue to depend on versatile & best healthcare apps.

Planning to develop a healthcare app, contact us today!

Why Umbraco CMS Development To Build Powerful & Intuitive Content & Interface Design?

“Empowering 1K Websites Including Big-Labeled Brands Like Durex, Wired Magazine, British Vogue And Glamour Magazine, Umbraco CMS Development Is A Cloud-Based Full-Featured Open Source CMS Platform That Holds Flexibility To Run Simple To Complex Applications To Fortune 500 Companies Across The World.”

If you’re a web editor, digital marketer, content manager or anyone working on the digital development platform, you need to pick right, scalable and flexible CMS. Umbraco 7.X is one of the best .NET open source CMS built to leverage extraordinary features and support to end users with huge community backing. It’s quite easy and simple to run with a variety of strength that is normally associated with expensive CMS systems.


Umbraco CMS development is well-suited for both simple and complex websites. If you’re looking for the best Umbraco website development with rich features and cloud support, Hire Umbraco developers from Concetto labs – One of the top Umbraco mobile development company inflexible cost & hiring model.


1. User-Friendly Interface

This platform is simple and easy to use. It’s a perfect pick for non-designers and non-developers, thus minimizing development time and generates higher output.

2. Very Fast

Evolving back-office functionalities, this platform has increased its efficiency and responsiveness which is simply wonderful in terms of usability.

3. Powerful APIs

Known for its custom search option and expandable plugin capabilities provided by a wide range of API’S, it promises rapid web design and development process.

4. Microsoft Word Support

Supporting popular tools like Microsoft Word or Windows LiveWriter, it ensures hassle-free writing and editing blogs and news pages.


Well, only a technical developer or reviewer can answer this question but this post will surely help you to decide if it’s time to upgrade to the newer version or not.

Version – Specific Recommendations:

If it’s:


If your website web design is built using Umbraco 7, I would suggest you keep every second minor version. The sooth upgrade makes it support-level task easy. Do not skip considering it as a minor version.


Things get bit complex if your website is build using Umbraco 6.x. Though there are good reasons for the latest versions; Umbraco 7.2 has introduced groundbreaking features like responsive preview, grid editor. Still calculating its cost can sound bit tricky.

There are a lot of factors to determine upgradation, some of them are:

  1. No of templates
  2. Content Size and document types
  3. Custom back-offline areas
  4. Dependency on plugins

Figure out these points and choose wisely.


If your current website is built using Umbraco 4.x, you should definitely schedule a complete website rebuild in 2015.


Umbraco CMS Development

Is yes, Concetto labs is the best address to suit your business requirements. Our team houses best designers and developers that hold 10+ years of industry experience to cater your business needs. Whether it’s Umbraco Web Development, Umbraco Support & Maintenance or development; we have it all for you. Just drop us your detail and contact us now to know more.

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Is Nopcommerce Custom Development The Best Solution to Meet Your Business Need?

E-commerce sector has been in trend and is expanding since half a decade. Right from buying a pair of shoes till picking best range of groceries, online store tops the list. That’s the reasons there is no end to the debate over choosing the best open source platform for it. With an abundance of e-commerce platforms available in the market offering a rich set of features and functionalities, it becomes really difficult for an entrepreneur to make the best choice. So now,

How to Make a Perfect E-Commerce Platform Choice?

In order to solve the above dilemma, we bring on some of the most important “must-have’s” that makes a good e-commerce platform and this will help you to evaluate the various platforms you have an eye on.

What Makes A Good E-Commerce Platform?

  1. Site Security
  2. Rich Features & Functionalities
  3. Strong Community Support
  4. Mobile-Friendly
  5. Social Commerce

Now that you’re aware of the best practices to hop in an e-commerce platform, let’s talk about a brand new yet powerful NopCommerce solution which is rapidly growing due to its powerful features.

Why NopCommerce?


Empowering 10,000 online stores including big-labeled brands like The North Face, Volvo, Reebok, it is one of the biggest open-source e-commerce solution platforms. Offering world-class shopping experience and mesmerizing features like user reviews, product comparison tools, discount options, and display options, makes Nopcommerce ERP integration and custom development best-fit choice for business and entrepreneurs. It is also being featured amongst the top 5 featured e-commerce platforms on Microsoft Web Matrix.

Let’s find out what features makes NopCommerce an unbeatable and secured platform amongst the e-commerce industry.

Notable Features That Makes NopCommerce Custom Development a Leading Choice

  1. Mobile Ready:

NopCommerce Optimization does support mobile-friendly versions of your site and this feature doesn’t require any extra feature or add-ons in it.

  1. Multi-Store Feature:

This feature allows store owners to run multiple stores from a single installation. It means you can operate multiple stores for your different B2B & B2C business, co-branded stores, and affiliates all from a single administration panel.  It also leverages flexibility to run individual promotional campaigns for each store. Also eases customers to access multiple stores with same credentials as they are stored in the shared database.

  1. Multi-Vendor Support:

One of the best features that eliminate the need for NopCommerce Theme Integration. This is a ready platform for anyone interested to run a business on Amazon and eBay Schema. It provides a place for different vendors to register and sell their products without taking the hassle of managing inventory and thereby earn commission on each sale. A different administrative panel is assigned to each vendor so as to manage its product, sales, review, and transaction without affecting other vendors.

  1. Various Payment Options:

It can be integrated with almost all major payment gateways like Paypal, EBS, Pay U, Authorize.Net etc. and all major credit and debit cards. Having a partnership with payment processors in all parts of the world, it gives NopCommerce users access to exclusive marketing offers and pricing packages from these companies.

Some Big-Labeled Brands Are Using This Secured, Stable Yet Flexible Open Source Platform! ARE YOU?

Thinking For NopCommerce Website Migration For Your Next Project?

If you’re looking for smart yet interactive and modern business solution, Concetto labs is the best company to partner with. Whether it is NopCommerce Website Migration or NopCommerce Plugin Development, we have it all for you. Our E-commerce team consists of skilled and professional developers that keep themselves updated with various NopCommerce Upgrades. Just drop us your details and contact us now to get the best NopCommerce Solution.

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How Practicing Power BI & SQL Helps Business to Boost Revenue Schema?

BI aka Business Intelligence. One of the highly buzzed words in the market to which majority of us are still not acquainted.

So, What Exactly Is BI?

How Does It Help Business to Make Profitable Revenues?

Well, a simple answer to “What is BI?” – It is nothing but a raw data converted into valuable information and statistics that assist business in making profitable revenues. Basically, it’s everything related to data!

I hope everyone is clear with the simple definition of BI. But, the next question that might hit over your mind is:

How to Formulate Power BI Report That Aids Business in Making Decisions?

The answer lies in the below three simple steps:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Representation of Data in an Accurate Manner (Graph, Chart, Reports Etc.)

All the above are nothing but SSIS, SSAS and, SSRS respectively. These services help business to convert raw and unfiltered data into valuable information and statistics that assists organizations to take informed and precise decisions. Let’s dive deep inside and find out what exactly these SQL Server Integration Services are and how it can help us.

1. SSIS (SQL Server Integrated Services)

The main agenda of SSIS is to collect data from various sources and convert it into valuable information. This process includes:

  1. Data Extraction.
  2. Data Loading.
  3. Data Transformation.

If you haven’t implemented data visualization in your business and looking for the best SSIS consultant, Concetto Labs is the best address to your needs.

Hire SSIS Developer

2. SSRS ( SQL Server Reporting System)

The main job of SSRS is to make informed decisions (in form of charts, graphs, reports) based on the filtered data. It helps business to empower users by making informed decisions. Many new updates have been noticed in SSRS; making system more robust and scalable. Some of them are:

  1. Reporting Service Web Portal:

It aids business in taking informed decisions through mobile reports, paginated reports, incorporates various KPIs and also creates Excel and Power BI desktop files.

  1. Custom Branding For Web Portal

It helps you to customize your entire web portal with your organizations color and logo.

  1. KPI in Web Portal

It allows you to generate multiple KPI’s, choose its dataset fields and store values and content into it.

  1. Mobile Reports:

Using SQL server mobile report, you can create and publish your reports to the reporting service web portal. With the increasing mobility noticed among the people, Power BI mobile app is introduced that help business to view mobile reports from your local report server on your iPhone and iPad.

3. SSAS (SQL Server Analytic Services)

The main task of SSAS is to analyze the data accurately and identify the patterns  that seems difficult with data mining features.


  1. Oil Industry Uses BI to Reduce Cost
  2. Apparel Industry Uses BI to Track Latest Trends
  3. Retail Industry Uses BI to Reduce Theft

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